This course offers a background in theories and strategies of intervention in crisis situations. Topics include suicide intervention, violence within families, sexual assault, child sexual abuse and incest, trauma, illness, death and loss, poverty and homelessness, the client-worker relationship, and community crisis intervention programs. Social work responses will be examined, with reference to the diverse socio-economic, racial and ethnic composition of the community, and the potential role of the church. Students will discuss the different responses to crisis within a Christian framework.
Introduction to Social Work Practice
This course provides an introduction to social work practice in Canada. Students will explore social work practice issues within the Canadian context. Topics encompass the social work practice fields of individual, family, group and community, and the dynamic interplay between the social worker, the user of services, the agency and society. The course will emphasize the integration of theoretical and practical knowledge.
Introduction to Social Work Practice (APS‑215) Year 3 or 4 standing

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