Discussion of the organization, replication, transmission, expression, and evolution of genetic materials. The course is organized around the levels of genes, chromosomes, organisms and populations. Topics include the expression, control and mutation of genes; the molecular organization and information coding; replication, repair, transmission and mutation of chromosomes; the relation between genes, genotype, phenotype and environment; and the genetic structure and variability of populations, including selection and speciation. Throughout the course methods of investigation will be explained. The structure and operation of genetics as a science will also receive attention. Includes a weekly three-hour lab. Materials fee applies.
Fundamentals of Biology II
This course explores the broad branches of the tree of life and how organisms interact with each other and with the environment. The structure and function of representative species of bacteria, protists, fungi, plants, and animals are examined in lecture and laboratory. Phylogeny and the theory of evolution are covered and discussed within a Christian framework. Includes a bi-weekly three-hour lab. Materials fee applies.
Fundamentals of Biology II (BIO‑122);
Principles of Chemistry I
An introduction to the major principles of chemistry that explain the reactions of elements and their compounds. Topics include the structure of matter, states of matter, ideal gases, stoichiometry, the chemistry of water, energy changes of chemical reactions, atomic orbitals and electron configurations, the periodic table, chemical bonding and models to predict the shapes of molecules. Includes a bi-weekly three-hour lab. Materials fee applies.
Principles of Chemistry I (CHE‑121)

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