Histories of psychology meet a real human need: the way we narrate psychology’s past will shape our vision of psychology’s future and how we might participate in that future. But it’s crucial that histories of psychology also be based on rigorous scholarship and not on wishful thinking. In this class we’ll explore the traditional “textbook” history of psychology narrative which emphasizes how psychology broke away from dogma, speculation, and ignorance so that it might become the science and practice it is today. We’ll also consider–in light of primary sources and recent historical scholarship–the degree to which this narrative corresponds with historical reality and what a more adequate narrative might look like. To meet the need of our students to reflect a distinctive worldview in any vocation or place they are called, an emphasis will be placed on Christianity’s (and Christians’) role in psychology’s past, present, and future.
Prerequisites: Year 4 standing. PSY-341 is the Capstone Course for
the Psychology Department and is required for all majors in the
4th year

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