Students will work independently on a major research project in the health sciences. The research project may be either an extensive and critical review of the literature, a meta-analysis, or an experiment on a topic chosen in collaboration with the instructor. The class will meet regularly to share progress and brainstorm difficulties.. For more information on setting up an independent research project see page 61 of the Academic Calendar.
Inquiry of Issues in Health
This course will explore the cutting-edge research that informs on current issues in the health field. By examining primary biomedical literature, students will develop the skills necessary to perform effectively as a health researcher. This course is problem-based; it is skill-driven rather than content-driven and focuses on the development of skills that are widely sought in university graduates–the ability to research and analyze detailed problems and to communicate clearly and persuasively. This course will involve interdependent and independent small group learning. Collectively, the class will ask questions that will explore the topics from multiple perspectives, while also learning to assess the quality of the information being examined.
Inquiry of Issues in Health (HSC‑342) Year 4 standing

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