An honours seminar focusing on selected episodes, eras, and themes in the interaction between Islamic and non-Islamic societies and cultures, including encounters with Western cultures and societies. Topics vary by term but may range from the medieval era to the present.
Islamic World to 1683
This course introduces the first millennium of Islamic history, from the time of Muhammad to the height of the Ottoman and Mughal empires. Geographically stretching from Spain in the west to Java in the east, and from Zanzibar in the south to Tashkent in the north, Islamic civilization in this period encompassed a vast zone of cultural exchange. Themes include the origins & development of Islam; emergence of Islamic philosophy, science & art; rise & fall of Islamic states; shifts in socioeconomic patterns; and regional differences.
Islamic World to 1683 (HIS‑256);
Modern Middle East
A survey of Middle Eastern history since the 18th century, with a focus on factors contributing to the state of affairs in the Middle East today. Topics include the late Ottoman Empire, the impact of Western imperialism, Arab nationalism, Zionism and the creation of the state of Israel, the Iranian revolution, conflicts in Iraq, the origins of terrorism, and recent developments in the region.
Modern Middle East (HIS‑357); HIS-256 or 357; acceptance into a History or POLIS honours major

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