This course introduces the first millennium of Islamic history, from the time of Muhammad to the height of the Ottoman and Mughal empires. Geographically stretching from Spain in the west to Java in the east, and from Zanzibar in the south to Tashkent in the north, Islamic civilization in this period encompassed a vast zone of cultural exchange. Themes include the origins & development of Islam; emergence of Islamic philosophy, science & art; rise & fall of Islamic states; shifts in socioeconomic patterns; and regional differences.
Gods and Thrones: The World to 1914
This course will focus on the rise, development, and interaction of the major civilizations of the Americas, Africa, and Asia from the Neolithic era to modern times, and their experience of the rise of European colonialism and increasing global contact through to the beginning of the twentieth century. Themes covered include global trade patterns, the diffusion of world religions, the emergence of empires, the power of culture, and globalization.
Gods and Thrones: The World to 1914 (HIS‑106)

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