A course in writing for the news media, focusing on print and internet, using a workshop format. Students will examine and discuss examples of professional journalism, try out the basic forms themselves, and give feedback on each other’s work.
Expository Writing I
A course on the art and craft of expository writing–writing that seeks to explore, explain, or argue a topic for a given audience. Students will practice various modes of nonfiction writing, from personal to persuasive essays, so as to learn the knowledge and skills needed to express themselves fluently and literately in written English, whether in print or digitally. Through a workshop format, students will learn seven traits of effective writing, study well-crafted essays on a range of intriguing topics, improve grammatical correctness in their own writing, gain twenty-first century research skills, and become rhetorically savvy writers. This course is strongly recommended for students considering a career in teaching.
Expository Writing I (ENG‑201) or permission of the department

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