This course provides students with a nuanced understanding of how film and television articulate meanings. Grounded in the historical eras and practices that range from the silent to the digital era, students will learn formal analyses and close readings of cinematic and televisual texts with special attention to narrative constructions, lighting, production design, acting styles, editing, genre, sound, music, and point of view. The course will also emphasize how such analyses should consider various contexts.
Introduction to Media and Communications
This course introduces students to the rise of mass media and communication and its impact and influence on modern society. Basic media forms and their function in society will be surveyed and students will develop a Christian perspective on media and its role in both the production and consumption of culture. Students will examine the application of a Reformed Christian worldview to understanding communication and communication-related vocations. The relationship between Christianity and professional communication, including professions in the media, will be discussed.
Introduction to Media and Communications (MCS‑121) or permission of the instructor

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