This course is designed as an introduction to the practice of multiliteracies in P/J/I classrooms across the curriculum. Reflecting today’s social and cultural diversities, multiliteracies practices allow for flexibility in supporting linguistic, cultural, and multimodal forms of communication reflecting the Ontario Literacy curriculum’s expanded understanding of literacy. Understanding how to utilize multimodal forms of communication in classrooms to support collaborative learning, inquiry, and differentiated learning styles helps support a social community of practice which is foundational to developing a pedagogy of multiliteracies. Teacher candidates will learn about how multiliteracies can inspire creativity, is inclusive for all student abilities, and can be both local and global while supporting the Ontario curriculum. Students will work with a variety of multiliteracies resources, expand their understandings of multiliteracies pedagogy, and develop appropriate assessment practices across grade levels and curricula. Purposeful reflection and integration of a Christian worldview will shape our understandings of how Christ is reflected in all things for his purposes. (1.5 credits).

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