This course examines the role of physical activity in personal health and societal mortality and morbidity. The course includes application of activity/exercise prescription and other lifestyle factors to promote health in various populations using lifestyle as a means of redemption of God’s creation structure and order
A study of biomechanical principles applied to human movement and sport through lectures, readings, and labs. Assessment of sport technique, equipment, performance, and ergonomics will be addressed. Includes a bi-weekly two-hour lab.
Biomechanics (KPE‑304);
Exercise Physiology I
This course will study the physiological response of the body’s systems to a bout of exercise and the adaptations that occur to these systems with training. Systems studied include the energy producing systems, as well as the muscular, pulmonary, neuroendocrine, cardiovascular, skeletal and immune systems. This course will emphasize how these physiological systems are integrated together to maintain the body’s internal environment in response to the stress of the exercise. The course includes a weekly two-hour lab. Materials fee applies.
Exercise Physiology I (KPE‑318);
Assessment of Human Fitness
Students will be introduced to the fundamental principles of fitness assessment. Various fitness tests for the different fitness parameters including muscular strength and endurance, anaerobic and aerobic power, flexibility, and balance will be practiced. Students will participate as both the test administrator and test subject for all tests. Weekly lecture and lab. Material fee applies.
Assessment of Human Fitness (KPE‑222);
This course presents the basic principles of human nutrition and the science behind them. Topics include a full assessment of nutrients, digestion, comparison of food guides, eating disorders, body composition and management, nutrition for sports, and popular trends and myths. Students will evaluate their own nutrient intakes and plan a healthy diet.
Nutrition (KPE‑223) Year 4 standing in the honors or B.Kin program
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