A study of the underlying physical principles that govern changes in energy and entropy and explain many important phenomena in chemistry and biochemistry. Topics include the laws of thermodynamics, free energy, chemical equilibrium, activities and ionic strength, chemistry and biochemical kinetics, and diffusion. Includes a bi-weekly three-hour lab. Materials fee applies.
Principles of Chemistry II
A continuation of CHE-121. Topics include reaction kinetics, chemical equilibrium, strong and weak acids and bases, solubility products, electrochemistry, the direction of chemical change, and an introduction to organic chemistry. Includes a bi-weekly three hour lab. Materials fee applies.
Principles of Chemistry II (CHE‑122);
Calculus I
An introduction to calculus, including the basic concepts of differentiation and integration. Applications, series expansions, and polar coordinates are discussed in relation to calculus. This course meets 4 hours a week.
Calculus I (MAT‑121)
Calculus II
A continuation of MAT-121. This course meets 4 hours a week.
Calculus II (MAT‑122);
Physics II: Waves, Heat and Time
A continuation of PHY-121, this course covers selected topics in wave motion, thermodynamics, optics, and modern physics. Includes a weekly lab. Materials fee applies.
Physics II: Waves, Heat and Time (PHY‑122)

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