An overview of the methodologies employed in studying the major problem areas of psychology. Emphasis is placed on a general research design at both the conceptual and applied levels. Topics include the scientific study of human behaviour, formulation of research problems, research design, statistical inferences, decision-making, and writing of research reports. Includes a weekly 75 minute lab.
Introduction to Psychology: General and Experimental Psychology
An introduction to those topics in psychology emphasizing an experimental approach to the discipline. Major topics covered include an overview of the discipline’s history and research methodologies, the biological roots of behaviour, sensation and perception, states of consciousness, learning, memory, thinking and language, emotion, motivation, and social influences and relations.
Introduction to Psychology: General and Experimental Psychology (PSY‑121);
Research Methods: Statistics
An introduction to descriptive statistics and the logic of statistical inference. Statistical techniques common to behavioural sciences are covered. Includes a weekly one-hour lab.
Research Methods: Statistics (PSY‑201)

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