The interpretation of Shakespeare on the stage and in the academy is shaped by both specific critical theories and general cultural practices. In this seminar course, students will test interpretations of Shakespeare in Formalist, Structuralist, Psychoanalytical, Marxist, New Historicist, Gender, Queer, and Postcolonial criticism.
History of Literary Criticism
A historical survey of some of the major ideas and practices in literary criticism, from Plato to the present. We will read and discuss selections from classic approaches to literature and hear formal presentations on influential contemporary critical theories. We will be debating the strengths and weaknesses of these approaches and theories as students in the English program – as readers and as writers. The goal is for students to find their voice among historical and contemporary conversations about literature.
History of Literary Criticism (ENG‑315);
A study of six representative comedies, histories, and tragedies by William Shakespeare from a number of critical perspectives.
Shakespeare (ENG‑361) or permission of the instructor

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