This course provides students who have completed APS-380 with 150 hours of practical experience in a community or organizational setting. A field seminar will be held to develop a familiarity with social work professional ethics and to discuss the ethical issues and tensions related to field work. The purpose of the internship is to assist students in making career decisions and to prepare them for postgraduate educational and employment opportunities. The internship course is comprised of a placement (field work) and in-class component. See page 61 for information on internships.
Social Work Internship and Integrative Seminar I
A community-based learning experience in some aspect of Social Work – personal, community, or structural work. The internship is intended to provide experience with a specific population group or field of study. Students learn beginning practice skills through experiential opportunities, applying core knowledge to direct individuals, families or groups, and macro (organizations and communities) social work practice. Each student will normally work 10 hours per week in an agency setting and complete the internship over one term. The internship course is comprised of field work and an in-class component. See page 45 for information on internships.
Social Work Internship and Integrative Seminar I (APS‑380); Minimum departmental GPA of 7.0 and a minimum final grade of B+ in

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