Students will work in small groups to develop, shoot, and edit experimental and dramatic projects with more advanced camera equipment. Materials fee applies.
Introduction to Media Production
An introductory course in the art and craft of video production. Coming to understand film as a method of storytelling, students learn and practice film aesthetics and techniques, including all the elements of preproduction, production, and postproduction. Students will collaborate to plan, shoot, and edit short videos while learning the basics of filmmaking equipment and software. Students will reflect on the nature of film and the practice of filmmaking through a faith lens. Materials fee applies.
Introduction to Media Production (MCS‑101);
The Art of Editing Motion Pictures
Students will explore digital editing theories, as well as practices of digital film editing and other elements of the postproduction process. Students will develop skills that include engagement with non-linear software and organizing and structuring short pieces. In addition, students will learn how shot selection, pacing, rhythm, sound, etc. shape both scenes and final productions.
The Art of Editing Motion Pictures (MCS‑225)

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