Gain music ministry experience working in a local church, school, or other organizational setting. Work 120 hours of such ministry under the direction of a musician or pastor in the ministry setting, meet regularly with a faculty supervisor, and submit relevant written work. See page 61 of the Academic Calendar for information on internships.
Design of Worship
An introduction to the structure and content of services of Christian corporate worship, including definitional understanding, surveys of practices throughout history and across denominational traditions, and contemporary practice. Theory and history intersect with practice as students gain experience in such areas as use of scripture, leading in corporate prayer, and the exegesis and choice of sung texts. While the role of music in worship plays a prominent part in this course, it is open to students without detailed musical knowledge or performance capabilities.
Design of Worship (MUS‑330);
Composing and Arranging for Worship
An introduction to topics of composition and arranging with special emphasis on their deployment in the service of corporate Christian worship. Students demonstrate their understanding of in-class topics (including studies of form, phrase structure, counterpoint and instrumentation) by creating new works or adapting existing music useful in worship settings.
Composing and Arranging for Worship (MUS‑331); Year 3 or 4 standing or permission of the instructor

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