This course provides students with the tools to design projects that will contribute to the well-being of the community from a uniquely Christian perspective as an essential component of an urban ministry program. Students will have the opportunity to participate in community projects.
Foundations of Mission and Ministry I
An introductory study of the biblical and theological foundations and the historical development of mission. Selected current issues and problems will be examined.
Foundations of Mission and Ministry I (REL‑253);
Foundations of Mission and Ministry II
This course builds on REL-253 in theological and practical ways. Students examine the Biblical imperative for Gospel proclamation in order to provide the theological framework for understanding the Church’s role in Missio Dei. Cultural anthropology addresses the question of the faithful contextualization of the Gospel in human contexts so that people believe and communities are transformed. Students will study intercultural communication theory and practice to encourage a greater awareness of the challenges and opportunities of announcing the Gospel of the Kingdom.
Foundations of Mission and Ministry II (REL‑254) APS-341 or GEO-214

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