A study of the central doctrines of Reformed theology, this course will survey the loci of systematic theology, as rooted in the Bible, formulated by key theologians, including John Calvin and Herman Bavinck, and summarized in the ecumenical creeds and Reformed confessions. Students will have an opportunity to study the historical development of these theological doctrines, as well as their contemporary application.
The Drama of Scripture
This course is a survey of the progressive unfolding of the biblical story and the main theological tenets that emerge from that story. The students will see how the story of the Bible yields a view of the world from a Reformed Christian perspective. The course will help students to understand their place in this story and to live intentionally out of this story in their personal and public lives, their academic studies, and their engagement with and response to issues and challenges faced by the world in the early 21st century.   Required in Year 1
The Drama of Scripture (REL‑110)

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