Topics include: descriptive statistics; probability; random variables and probability distributions; expectation; binomial, Poisson, and normal distributions; random sampling and sampling distributions; point and interval estimation; classical hypothesis testing and significance testing. Statistical examples and applications from life sciences will be emphasized. (Not for mathematics majors).
Differential and Integral Calculus
An introduction to the basic concepts and methods of calculus for students who have no previous experience in the subject. The topics covered include functions, limits, derivative, exponential and logarithmic functions, integration, and applications.
Differential and Integral Calculus (MAT‑114) or Grade 11 U or M mathematics or permission of the instructor
Research Methods: Statistics
An introduction to descriptive statistics and the logic of statistical inference. Statistical techniques common to behavioural sciences are covered. Includes a weekly one-hour lab.
Research Methods: Statistics (APS‑201);
A study of the collection, analysis and interpretation of numerical data. Topics covered are probability spaces, conditional probability, random variables both continuous and discrete, Binomial, Normal, Poisson, Student’s t and Chi-square distributions, expectations, sampling distributions, estimation, tests of significance, regression analysis, and design of experiments. Includes lab time to emphasize the use of computer software for statistics. This course meets 4 hours a week.
Statistics (MAT‑215); APS/PSY-201

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