Redeemer University intends a full return to relational, face-to-face learning this Fall. Access to in-person instruction and student support services is a top priority. The university’s reopening framework provides the road map to achieve this goal safely while empowering students to make decisions appropriate to their unique situation. 

A recent survey indicated that more than 94 per cent of incoming students would strongly prefer in-person learning and on-campus living. Redeemer’s synchronous dual-delivery model provides an excellent Christian university education that maximizes in-person learning while providing the most enriching virtual experience possible. The remote option remains available for the 2021-22 academic year and provides maximum flexibility should the university need to pivot in response to changing public health regulations. 

[UPDATE] On August 17, the government of Ontario announced that the province would remain in step 3 of its Roadmap to Reopen and that vaccine policies were required for high-risk settings, including post-secondary institutions. In step 3, Redeemer is able to continue with its plan for a full return to campus with some adjustments to classroom spaces and the schedule to allow for physical distancing.

On August 27, after careful thought and much deliberation, Redeemer released an interim vaccine policy. This policy is designed to show love and care for the whole Redeemer community. As created and embodied beings, teaching, learning, and serving is richest in person. To this end, the policy seeks to mitigate the transmission of COVID-19 on campus by requiring that all faculty, staff, students, and visitors coming to campus provide proof of full vaccination or complete a COVID-19 education module along with receiving regular rapid antigen tests. The Interim Vaccination Policy is now published on the app and Redeemer’s public update can be found here.

The requirements of the policy take effect the first full week of classes, on Monday, September 13. Rapid Antigen Testing will be available at Redeemer for residence and commuter students, as well as faculty and staff. Tests will be valid for one week. Details on providing proof of full vaccination, the education module, and testing times and locations will be communicated to campus soon.

Health & Safety Framework

Redeemer will abide by public health regulations and is committed to the health and safety of everyone through the following guidelines and provisions:

  • Synchronous dual-delivery model of in-person and remote learning for maximum student choice and for a flexible response to changing health regulations
  • Education about the efficacy of vaccines and support for students and employees, including efforts to work with public health to provide vaccination clinics on campus
  • Dedicated healthcare staffing specifically for COVID-19 in the form of a COVID-19 care nurse (for assessment, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of COVID-19 illness in students) and administrative support for on-campus contact tracing
  • On-site COVID-19 PCR (Nasopharyngeal) testing and rapid antigen testing for anyone who is not fully vaccinated 
  • Campus wastewater testing in partnership with McMaster University
  • UV air filtration system and classroom ventilation upgrades
  • Mask requirements and physical distancing in line with local and provincial regulations

With these safety measures in place for approximately 1,000 students, and with an average class size of about 35 students, Redeemer is excited to safely return to in-person learning. 

Program Dual-Delivery

Redeemer University will deliver the majority of its courses on campus with the primary mode of delivery being live and in class. In most cases, students will have the option to participate in their program in person or remotely. Redeemer’s investment in the latest technologies last summer continues to ensure the availability of online participation. While Redeemer will not offer any for-credit courses in an asynchronous format, there will be portions of courses that will be available for asynchronous learning where appropriate for learning outcomes and when in compliance with privacy and intellectual property rights. 

Students will choose “in-person” or “remote” as their enrolment option for the fall term by July 26. In-person students may elect to, or be required to, transition to remote learning during the term for a variety of reasons. These students may later return to in-person learning if the conditions leading to the need to go remote have been removed. Only in exceptional circumstances and with the approval of all instructors and the Provost/VPA will students who initially chose “remote” be allowed to transition to “in-person” during the term. 

Course Requirements & Scheduling

Some courses will require live and in-person interaction (e.g. some labs) and will only be available to students attending classes in person. Some courses may have enrolment limitations for in-class or online learning. Redeemer is committed to working with every student to help them find a pathway that avoids disruption of their degree program. At the same time, not all undergraduate courses and programs will fit a remote model, and in some cases undergraduate students may have to delay a course or switch majors if they choose the remote option.

Student Services & Technology

Office hours and other services such as financial aid, program advising etc. will be available in person and virtually (e.g, Google Meet, Zoom etc.). The library, bookstore and other campus amenities will be open.

Reliable computer resources are required for students choosing remote as well as a secure and stable internet connection. The same computer resources are also recommended for on-campus students to prepare for all scenarios. Please check the Required Student Technology List before the fall term.


Major tests and exams will be taken at Redeemer. Students taking them remotely will be responsible for ensuring they have additional software necessary for secure invigilation (see the Required Student Technology List).

Student Life

Redeemer’s vibrant campus community flows out of a holistic approach to education that integrates all of life and learning. Giving students a meaningful campus experience this fall is a top priority for the university. Redeemer will continue to monitor the public health guidelines and will adapt as needed.

Residence Life

Residence life will include recreation, hospitality, porch visits, worship and so much more. Students living on campus must follow the Interim Vaccine Policy, showing proof of full vaccination or completing a COVID-19 education module along with receiving regular rapid antigen tests.

Dorm dinners will occur as permitted by health guidelines and groceries will be purchased at The Market. Redeemer is exploring various options to enjoy a weekly communal meal with larger groups of students. Refresh and Tim Hortons will be open.

Campus Life

Student activities such as chapel, discipleship groups, orientation, clubs and other aspects of the extracurricular experience will resume standard practices in line with public health regulations. The weekly chapel service aims to resume the Wednesday slot at 11 a.m. and operate with the capacity limit given by the province or local health authorities that is applicable for religious services at any given time. They will continue to be live-streamed. 

Professional counselling and support will continue to be available through the Shalem Mental Health Network, Christian Counselling Centre and various community/local support agencies.

Athletics & Recreation

The Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) and its members have made the decision to begin varsity competition on schedule for the fall term. Athletes and spectators will be required to follow Redeemer’s vaccine policy which is in line with the OCAA’s policy. The Athletic Centre will be open for all students and intramurals will begin where possible.

Students Crossing International Borders

All international students returning to Canada are responsible for understanding and following the government regulations and protocols. International students who need to complete a required quarantine period are encouraged to properly complete the government’s quarantine requirement at a trusted family/friend’s place, if possible. For those who cannot, arrangements to quarantine on campus can be made by contacting Student Life.