Students who have chosen in-person (face-to-face) delivery may change to synchronous remote delivery during the term if synchronous remote delivery is available for their particular courses and one of the following cases applies:

Short-term switches to remote synchronous:

  1. They are required to self-isolate (up to two weeks) due to COVID-19 concerns (being tested for COVID-19, having a case of COVID-19, caring for family with COVID-19, etc.)
    • Process: a student should inform the Learning Services Director who will, in turn, inform all of their instructors. A student who is self-isolating due to COVID-19 concerns may return to in-person once cleared by the appropriate health authority; that communication must be shared with the Learning Services Director , who will, in turn, inform all of the student’s instructors of the student’s date of return to in-person classes.
  2. They are experiencing another type of illness but are still able to attend class remotely and do not expect to miss more than a week of in-person classes.
    • Process: a student should inform their instructors and may join classes remotely for up to one week.
    • Note: if a student would miss a test or examination they were scheduled to take in-person, they will need to use the “Absence for Illness Form” to reschedule the test until they return, unless a “secure” setup (see the Interim Tests and Examination Policy) can be arranged.
  3. The Learning Services Director approves a short-term switch (up to two weeks) for a different reason.
    • Process: the Learning Services Director will inform all the students’ instructors.

Longer-term switches to remote synchronous:

A short-term switch may be extended beyond the originally specified timeframe if the reason for the switch extends beyond what was expected. Students may also switch directly to longer-term remote synchronous participation if other significant extenuating circumstances apply (e.g., change in the student’s overall health situation or living arrangements).

    • Process: a student should write an email request to the Registrar outlining the reason(s) for their request for extension and the expected new duration of the switch. Such communication should be sent as soon as possible and no later than one week following the desired change in the student’s status (from either “in-person” or “short-term remote” to “longer-term remote”).

Students who have made a longer-term switch to remote may request to return to in-person by contacting the Registrar. If the reason for the original switch was health-related, supporting documentation from a health professional indicating the health concern is past may be required.

In-person-only courses:

For in-person-only courses, students who are unable to continue attending classes in person should follow existing policies and procedures related to sickness and/or absences from class.