A Message from President Robert J. Graham

Redeemer University has a very distinctive Christian mission that has remained unchanged during the COVID‑19 pandemic. We have always believed that learning happens best in community, where small classes allow students and instructors to form relationships and where campus life is spiritually vibrant. Redeemer has made significant investments in classroom technology in order to maintain this experience for all students. To ensure effective learning communities while prioritizing safety, Redeemer has developed a dual delivery model of instruction for the 2020-2021 academic year. Students will take courses in person or remotely - and both will experience the same live instruction class and get to know their instructors and peers at the same time. Redeemer will continue to offer an on-campus experience combining faith, life and learning. Modifications will be made to weekly chapel, recreation programming and social activities to mitigate the spread of COVID‑19.

Surrounding this unique, innovative university learning experience is a comprehensive campus plan, building on the Framework released in June, that prioritizes student, faculty, and staff safety during COVID‑19. Extensive preparations have been made to reduce the risks posed by the virus and Redeemer’s approach will meet or exceed standards set out by public health authorities.

As an institution, Redeemer takes seriously its responsibility to provide a safe and healthy learning environment. As individuals, members of the Redeemer community are also called to care and take responsibility for one another.

As we place our trust and confidence in God, Redeemer will continue to thrive.

Dr. Robert J. Graham, President

Our shared responsibility

Teams across the university have been working diligently to plan for a safe return to campus informed by public health advice and best practices. A COVID‑19 Management Committee (CMC) composed of university leaders is overseeing Redeemer’s plans.

Every student and employee has an important role to play in mitigating the spread of COVID‑19. It is up to each and every one of us to follow public health guidance and the recommendations in this guide and to respect each other as we return to and share the space on our campus.

Each member of the Redeemer community has a responsibility to look out for the other members. The COVID‑19 pandemic is an opportunity for students and employees to care for each other by practicing the elements of Redeemer CARES.

Clean - Wash your hands and sanitize spaces thoroughly and often.

Assess - Evaluate your physical and mental health daily.

Respect – Show you care about those around you by staying home when symptomatic, practicing distancing, and wearing protective equipment where required.

Educate - Know the symptoms of COVID‑19 and follow university and public health guidelines.

Support - Check in with others, reach out if you need support, and take time to practice self-care.

Redeemer’s approach to reopening

Redeemer’s approach to reopening campus does not depend on any single safety measure. Instead, in accordance with well-established hazard control approaches and best practices, the university will implement multiple layers of protection to reduce risk to students, employees, and pre-approved visitors (see Visitor Protocols).

Elimination of exposure
  • Individuals with symptoms stay home
  • Remote access to learning and work for students and employees
  • Reducing the number of people in indoor spaces
Engineering controls
  • Physical barriers to reduce droplet spread
  • Access to handwashing and sanitizing stations
  • Floor and wall markings to designate walking paths and physical distancing
  • Improved ventilation, including UV-C treatment of recirculated air
Administrative controls
  • New policies on daily health checks, masks, physical distancing, and remote learning and work
  • New procedures arising out of the new policies
  • Scheduling of work and learning to reduce congestion and allow for additional cleaning and sanitizing
  • Communication reminders of policies and procedures through signage, posters, digital screens, and messages
Protective equipment
  • Providing masks to each student and employee and making face shields and portable shields available as additional, or in some cases, alternative, protection
  • Where appropriate, use of additional equipment such as gloves and eye protection for certain employees
* Substitution is not possible with a virus.

What you need to know before returning to campus

Protecting the Redeemer community

If you are returning to campus, you can help mitigate the spread of COVID‑19 on campus by following health and safety guidelines.

  • Students arriving from outside Canada must quarantine for 14 days prior to beginning classes. Redeemer will provide space for you to do that and track your quarantine.
  • Take the Health Check via the Redeemer app or by visiting redeemer.ca/health-check, before arriving on campus each day
  • When on campus, practice physical distancing by keeping a distance of two metres away from others
  • Wear a mask, properly sealed without gapping, in the academic building and other public indoor spaces
  • Remember to wash or sanitize your hands frequently and to cough or sneeze into a tissue or your elbow (not your hands)
  • Take the mandatory COVID‑19 training


To mitigate the spread of COVID‑19 on campus, students and employees are required to monitor themselves daily for symptoms of COVID‑19.

Before arriving on campus each day, you must complete a self-assessment using the Health Check form available on the Redeemer App. This tool can help determine whether you should stay home on that day. The self-assessment is only meant as an aid and cannot diagnose you with COVID‑19. It will also help Redeemer’s Campus Care Nurse to monitor the health of the Redeemer community.

If you awake with symptoms on a day you were planning to go to campus and know the correct action is to stay home, please still fill out the screening form so Redeemer can monitor trends.

Face masks

A face mask is required in all indoor spaces on campus other than private offices and your own dorm. You may remove your mask to eat, but please resume wearing the mask as soon as possible. While you are eating, you must practice distancing unless you are eating in the dining hall, where protective screens have been erected on the tables. When outdoors, you may remove your mask if you can maintain a distance of two metres from others.

Where a mask cannot be worn due to a disability, an accommodation may be sought from the university which allows for an alternative form of protection. Face shields and three-sided personal barriers will also be available in these cases, or as a second layer of protection, in limited quantities.

Choosing a mask

A face mask can be a medical or non-medical mask or other covering that covers the nose, mouth and chin without gapping.

Where to get a mask

Each student and employee will receive two high-quality Redeemer branded masks when they come to campus. Other required PPE, such as for labs, will also be provided as needed. You can also use your own mask or purchase extra masks at the bookstore.


Proper hygiene helps reduce the spread of infectious disease. Redeemer is implementing measures to make proper hygiene easier on campus such as touchless hand sanitizer stations, touchless water bottle refill stations, automatic doors and hand dryers, and faster access to hot water in washrooms.

Hand hygiene

Wash your hands frequently with soap and running water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

Respiratory etiquette

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you sneeze and immediately discard the tissue. If a tissue is not available, cough or sneeze into your elbow, not your hands. Wash or sanitize your hands immediately.

Changes to campus

Campus will look a little different when you return. Redeemer has modified classrooms, workspaces and other physical spaces on campus to help you maintain physical distancing and mitigate the spread of COVID‑19.

Classrooms and labs

  • Limit of 50 or less in-person students
  • Physical distancing applied with some exceptions for instruction
  • PPE required in classrooms, even with distancing
  • New technology to allow live participation for remote students
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfecting every night
  • Disinfecting supplies provided in each classroom
  • UV-C light treatment of air as it recirculates
  • Safe learning-support options (distancing and virtual) for library services, registrar, financial aid and CELC

Common spaces

  • Wall and floor signage to remind you about policies and expectations
  • Numerous new touch-free automatic door openers
  • Washroom improvements, including faster access to hot water and warm air low-volume hand dryers
  • Water fountains replaced with touch-free bottle-fill stations
  • Touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers across campus
  • Transparent plastic barriers at service counters, desks, meeting tables and dining tables
  • A new Campus Services service area to serve students safely and efficiently
  • Modifications to the Market to ensure safe shopping for groceries
  • Modifications to comply with health guidelines at Tim Hortons and ReFresh
  • Barriers, stanchions, stickers and signs to promote proper distancing and flow of pedestrian traffic
  • Frequent cleaning/disinfecting of washrooms and commonly touched surfaces


The Redeemer experience of living in community has been reimagined to mitigate the spread of COVID‑19.

  • Redeemer will follow mandatory 14-day quarantine requirements for international students
  • Each residence unit (typically two to eight students) will be considered to be a “household” operating like a family, living and eating together. PPE will not be required in your residence unit. The townhouse or unit of each household will be a designated bubble reserved only for the members of that household. Students must respect these bubbles and refrain from visiting other households. Outside visitors are also not permitted.
  • Students will be able to connect with each other outdoors, in class and at indoor public areas on campus with physical distancing and PPE required in public indoor areas
  • Each household will have weekly health screenings
  • Each household will be responsible to clean and sanitize their units on a schedule organized by Residence Life staff
  • Communal meals have been replaced with dorm dinners that can be picked up. Groceries will be purchased at the Market, which will have a modified shopping experience.
  • Resident students are permitted to go off campus, visit their families/homes as needed, practicing proper health and safety protocols while off campus, completing a screening when they return and continuing to monitor their health. Students should limit the number of off-campus visits home as much as possible
  • Redeemer has established a primary care health clinic on campus for students. The Director, Student Health and Wellness is a nurse practitioner who will assist students with their health concerns and needs.
  • Some residence hall units have been reserved for isolation/quarantine housing, if required


  • Employees will be provided with two high-quality cloth masks
  • Workspaces for employees have been modified to ensure physical distancing
  • Employees are encouraged to work from home where possible and continue virtual meetings
  • On-campus work will be staggered to reduce the amount of people on campus at one time
  • Cleaning products are available for employees to clean their own equipment, in addition to regular cleanings done by custodial staff
  • Physical barriers are being installed in service areas and meetings spaces
  • Employees must complete a self-assessment through the Health Check form via the Redeemer App each day before arriving on campus. Redeemer’s Campus Care Nurse will monitor and follow up on results and provide education on COVID‑19-related issues.
  • Additional paid sick days are available to employees as are Redeemer-funded counselling sessions
  • Training is provided for employees on health and safety protocols, how to communicate and work effectively in a pandemic, all with a focus on mental health and wellbeing

Supporting the Redeemer community

Whether online or in-person, Redeemer is ready to support students.

Health and wellness

The new Student Health and Wellness Clinic, located in Luther Court, is available to treat minor injuries, illnesses (i.e. fever, cough, abdominal pain, sore throat etc.), wound care, depression or anxiety. Medication renewals, immunizations and smoking cessation supports are also available. Students can access health-related educational resources on stress management, nutrition, staying active, mental health support and other topics. Book an appointment on the Health and Wellness page on the Redeemer App.

Counselling services are available through Shalem Mental Health Network and Christian Counselling Centre for both students and employees. Redeemer’s chaplain is also available to provide support. Visit the Health and Wellness page on the Redeemer App for more information.

Testing, tracking and tracing

Testing and assessment centres

If you are showing any symptoms or are concerned you may have been exposed to COVID‑19, please book an appointment to get tested through Hamilton Public Health.

Tracking and tracing COVID‑19 cases

If there is a confirmed COVID‑19 case on campus, Redeemer will notify Hamilton Public Health who will conduct contact tracing. Redeemer will seek and follow the advice of public health. For students living in residence, dorms have been set aside for isolation/quarantine if needed.

If you test positive for COVID‑19

If you test positive for COVID‑19, please inform the Campus Care Nurse.

Contingency planning

Our plans to resume campus operations will be responsive to any potential COVID‑19 cases. Redeemer is prepared to return to fully remote learning and work for all students and employees if necessary.

Staying informed

The university will continue to communicate important COVID‑19 updates to students, staff and faculty.

Official Redeemer COVID‑19 website

Updates are regularly made to Redeemer’s COVID‑19 website. Please use it as your official source for content related to COVID‑19 at Redeemer.


Important updates from the President and COVID‑19 Management Committee will be sent directly to students, faculty and staff through their Redeemer email address. Reminders and updates will also be posted on the Redeemer App.

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