Friday November 15, 2019

Executive Dining Room

Posted in Academics

Dr. Peter Schuurman, Adjunct Lecturer in Religion and Theology will present on, “Reflexive Evangelicalism, Ironic Charisma, and The Meeting House MegaChurch.” This is an event for faculty, staff, students and guests.

Alumnus and adjunct faculty member Peter Schuurman will give a short talk on his book The Subversive Evangelical: The Ironic Charisma of an Irreligious Megachurch (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2019). He argues that a sub-group of evangelicals are grappling with the crisis of their “spoiled identity” in North America and that the “irreligious religion” of pastor Bruxy Cavey is a case in point. Through a dramatic production of a playful paradoxical charisma, Cavey and his megachurch offer a more culturally legitimate religious identity.