Thursday March 2, 2023
Speakers: Maria Gabankova, Phil Irish + Nathan Stretch, Brian David Johnston, Ruthia Pak Regis, James Paterson, Lynne McIlvride, Paul Roorda, Betty Spackman, Patricia June Vickers

Redeemer University
777 Garner Road East Ancaster ON L9K 1J4
Redeemer Art Gallery

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Through incorporations of painting, sculpture, video, digital print, drawing and collage, this exhibition brings together ten contemporary artists to reflect deeply on sections of the biblical passion narratives. In tandem with Jesus’ suffering, their work repeatedly gives voice to human suffering in contemporary life. How does Jesus’ suffering meet our own? How might we be called to participate in Christ’s suffering? How does the cross become the marker of God’s solidarity with humanity in all that we go through, including abandonment, accusation, pain and death? The Passion fuels our own compassion and the understanding that, in unity of love, we suffer together.

Please join the artists on Thursday March 2, to learn more about their work, celebrate their achievement and experience the exhibition with others. It will be on display in the Redeemer Art Gallery until March 24, 2023.