Saturday April 1, 2023

Redeemer University
777 Garner Road East Ancaster ON L9K 1J4
Redeemer Art Gallery

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For art majors, their time at Redeemer culminates in the Senior Exhibition. For this semester’s exhibition, titled Eunoia: Beautiful Thinking, the students had the liberty to pursue their unique vision and voice in whatever media they chose. Their work is informed by art references and research, their creative process and sensitivity to materials and a disciplined pattern of skills development. Each artist’s work is an expression of their unique experience, vision, and passionate pursuit.

Mackenzie Langendoen is compelled by the monstrous and fantastical in both fairy tales and
contemporary media. Her mysterious paintings and ominous sculpted creatures invite you into a
world that, while imaginary, reveals something true.

Cloe Mitchell is presenting hand-made costumes, a series of photographs, and paintings with
collaged imagery. In a world fraught with uncertainty and fear, she hopes to illustrate that soft and
quiet things can be strong and loud and that peace can be found within chaos.

Abigail Quach’s project combines sculpture and painting to reflect on Canada as a place of
immigration, fruitful relationships and freedom. Working in miniature, two modeled bridges
underline the themes of transition and connection.

Leah Routenburg, working with a multiplicity of panels that arc around the viewer, has created
an enchanted forest. Small children become explorers, while nocturnal trees take on a life and
energy of their own.

Alayna Schenk is exploring her own family heritage. A variety of textile works honour the women
of her family tree. Toned cyanotypes give personal portraits a vintage feel, while a large oil
painting – a wedding portrait – represents the bond between Alayna and her fiancé.

Nathalie Wood‘s project reflects on the unfolding glory of God’s creation. A series of cyanotypes,
heightening the rich blues with gold leaf, echo the days of creation in Genesis. Oil painting, at a
grander scale, invites us into the presence of that loving creator.

Jessie Zantingh‘s work combines oil painting and sculptural components to explore the theme of
“restoration.” With shaped canvases and a bold use of architectural space, this installation is
giving form to Jessie’s longing for God’s world made right.

Please join us on April 1st to experience and celebrate their work, enjoy some refreshments and hear a short message from each artist. The exhibition will be on display in the Redeemer Art Gallery until April 25.