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Redeemer University
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Redeemer alumni have an incredible legacy of creating life-long friendships. We know there are so many alumni traditions out there – dorms going camping together every summer, friends celebrating New Year’s together, annual fantasy sports leagues (or real sports leagues!) or just simply hanging out on a regular basis. Whatever the tradition, we want to celebrate it with free alumni t-shirts in honour of Redeemer’s 40th anniversary! 

To participate, simply complete the form below and tell us about your Redeemer friend group, the date of your next event and who will be there. We will send a box of alumni t-shirts to the host before the event. All we ask is that you take a photo or short 30-second video and email it to alumni@redeemer.ca! Groups of all sizes are welcome. It could be three close friends or a group of 20+!

UPDATE: Stock is currently low. Please email alumni@redeemer.ca to inquire about your alumni event.

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