The Challenge:

Completing Charis

This year marks monumental change at Redeemer! For the first time in its history, Redeemer has enrolment of over 1000 students and that kind of growth drove the need for the all-new residence and learning facility - the Charis Live and Learn Centre. This beautiful facility has grown before our eyes, transforming what was the paved parking lot and “Siberia” into a vibrant, modern space for students for years to come!

And now it’s time to make this new “house a home”... and we need your help, ALUMNI!

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Goal Achieved!


Comfy Furniture

Lounge with Starbucks Kiosk

Moss Wall/Entrance

Given amount: $35595; Give target: $35000; Given percent: 101.7%
Project Details

The Challenge

The Alumni Council challenges you to help us complete Charis! As alumni, this is our chance to take part. Can you imagine enjoying your Starbucks coffee (yes, we said Starbucks!) without a place to sit or do your work? Let’s show the students that their alumni family has their back — literally!

The Goal

The goal is to raise $35,000 — funding to provide comfy study loungers and cafe bistro tables, install a living moss wall for vitality and fresh air, all to complement the contemporary wall and floor palette.

The Match

Make your dollar count TWICE! One of our alumni family has stepped up to match every dollar WE contribute to this project up to $17,500 — that’s half of the goal! This means….if only 10% of all alumni contribute just $25, we would easily achieve our goal! We’ve got this!

Where is the Money Going?

Project Components


What's a home without beautiful walls? The carefully selected palette will bring this space to life and go a long way at completing the look and feel of this space.

Comfy Furniture

Charis features lounge spaces with comfortable furniture in contemporary styling to compliment the space and promote social connection.

Lounge with Starbucks Kiosk

Along a stunning mosaic wall to the outdoors, bistro sets will allow students to study or simply enjoy their favourite beverage in style.

Moss Wall/Entrance

Moss walls turn a bland interior into something stunning. Beyond the beauty of nature indoors, this wall boasts incredible scientific benefits including improved air quality, lowered stress and lower energy consumption.

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