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Introducing Lionshare Legacy
Through your gift in will, you can be part of Lionshare Legacy—a collective of dedicated Redeemer supporters who wish to strengthen Christian education for years to come. Experience Redeemer on a deeper, more intimate level through exclusive opportunities and touchpoints.

Join a special fellowship of donors and encounter Redeemer's transformative vision.
A gift in will supports Redeemer University’s future, and joining this fellowship of donors is a rewarding way to encounter the long-term vision of Redeemer today. Lionshare Legacy is a purposeful community where like-minded and committed supporters can participate in Redeemer’s mission together.
Dr. David Zietsma,
Exclusive to Lionshare Legacy
As a perk, those who are part of Lionshare Legacy gain the distinguished privilege of being uniquely connected to the vision of Redeemer. You will have access to a number of opportunities that give you a close look into the plans and thoughts of university leadership.
Exclusive lectures and offerings
Bi-annual update giving insight into Redeemer's vision for the future
Invitations to special engagements with Redeemer's president
Measuring the Impact
Since 2020
Many have decided to sow into Redeemer’s future and strengthen God’s Kingdom for years to come. And each gift makes a difference.
was received from
gifts in wills
enabled tuition rates
to remain low
enhanced Redeemer’s
endowment for
future stability
contributed to the renewal
of campus and debt
reduction efforts
Lionshare Legacy

A Legacy of Blessing

New Street Christian Reformed Church gives generous financial gift to Redeemer, concluding 70 years of faithful service.

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Harry Voortman: A Humble and Passionate Supporter

On April 8, 2022, Harry Voortman, a long-time supporter of the Redeemer community, passed away. His death came just 16 days after the passing of his beloved wife, Anne....

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Kleis (Kees) Hensen Sr.

The Redeemer community is mourning the loss of a visionary leader in Kees (Kleis) Hensen. Kees Hensen played an important role in Redeemer’s history, sharing resources...

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