Strengthening the Core Impact

As 2021 continues and we look ahead to Easter, we are reminded of the core of the Christian faith - that God’s love for us was revealed through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, through which we have hope and forgiveness. In the same way that Christ’s resurrection is the core of Christianity, all Redeemer students take a Core curriculum that complements their major and provides the foundation for a well-rounded Reformed Christian life and worldview.

About this Project

The world is complex and rapid-changing, and Redeemer is committed to preparing graduates to make a difference within it. The Core’s local, global, and non-Western elements equip them to do this by providing the opportunity to think biblically and philosophically across disciplines. It is even more critical in these complex times that the Core curriculum be ever-evolving and relevant for these future leaders. Especially in light of the changes brought about by COVID-19, the university requires a continuous review of current outcomes and an exploration of emerging social and workplace norms from a Reformed Christian perspective.

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