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There's little doubt
that STEM graduates — those with degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics — are in high demand. That means high employment rates, increased salaries and variety of available jobs.
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But how does your faith fit in?
A Redeemer degree will set you up for success in health sciences, and it will also help you discover and explore how to serve God and others in your career and life. In short, you’ll find the calling that God has for you and that it includes and extends beyond your job.
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What sets Redeemer’s Programs apart?
Undergraduate science students at Redeemer spend up to 600 hours in a lab, doing hands-on experiential learning and participating in real-world research.
In 2017, 9 students were employed to do research with faculty over the summer.
Redeemer faculty work alongside students by mentoring them in labs, lectures, and independent research projects.
Between the two of them, Dr. Brouwer (chemistry) and Dr. Berkelaar (environmental science) have received over $1m in research funding.
The average class size for science students is 17. That means your professors can devote more of their time to their students and there is more opportunity for you to work alongside them.
Our lab equipment — like our various spectrometers (NMR, IR, UV/VIS), protein and DNA electrophoresis units, chromatography instruments (GC, HPLC), and 3D printer — provides our students with a variety of hands-on research tools.
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Science Programs at Redeemer

Student Stories

Kristin VanSligtenhorst
Biology '11
"Critical thinking and appraisal of information in the light of a Christian worldview permeated all of my science courses."
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Jordan Reinders
Health Sciences '15
"Not only have my Health Science courses equipped me to succeed at my job there, the internship component of the program will enable me to earn academic credit."
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Katelyn Miller
Kinesiology '12
"I’m passionate about the quality of education provided at Redeemer University and I’m thankful for how it has shaped me to be the person I am today."
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Darren Sinke
Kinesiology '07
"At Redeemer, I learned so much about who I was, and how I fit into God’s working in and through the world around me."
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