Dr. Gloria Kim

Assistant Professor of Health Sciences

Email: bkim@redeemer.ca

Office: 221B

Programs: Biochemistry, Health Sciences, Health Sciences Professional, Pre-Medicine, Biology, Chemistry


Ph.D., (2018), Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Toronto (Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy)

Honours Bachelor of Science (2012), Health and Disease and Psychology, University of Toronto.


  • Foundations of Human Anatomy II (KPE-119)
  • Determinants of Health (HSC-221)
  • Biochemistry I: Structures and Functions of Biomolecules (BIO-361)
  • Developmental Biology (BIO-363)
  • Core Capstone Experience (CTS-410)
  • Biochemistry II: Enzymes and Metabolism (BIO-462)


Gloria Kim has joined Redeemer as an assistant professor in 2020. Prior to joining the faculty, she worked in the pharmaceutical industry as a medical regulatory editor and also worked as a lecturer at the University of Toronto within the Pharmacy program. Along with teaching, she is presently serving as a member of the Center for Innovations and Entrepreneurship Working Group at Redeemer University.

Research Interests

  • DNA kinetics
  • PCR
  • Non-canonical DNA structures and their salt environment

Research Funding

NSERC (Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada) PGS Scholarship (2016-2018)

Research Publications

Lutan Liu, Byul G. Kim, Ujala Feroze, Robert Macgregor, and Tigran V. Chalikian, (2018). Probing the Ionic Atmosphere and Hydration of the c-MYC i-motif. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 140 (6), 2229-2238.

Lusine Aslanyan, Jordan Ko, Byul G. Kim, Ishkhan Vardanyan, Yeva B. Dalyan, and Tigran V. Chalikian, (2017). Effect of Urea on G-Quadruplex Stability. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 121, 6511-6519.

Byul G. Kim and Tigran V. Chalikian, (2016) Thermodynamic linkage analysis of pH-induced folding and unfolding transitions of i-motifs. Biophysical Chemistry, 216, 19-22.

Byul G. Kim, Ji Long, David N. Dubins, and Tigran V. Chalikian, (2016). Ionic Effects on G-quadruplex Stability. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 120 (22), 4963-4971.

Byul G. Kim, Heather M. Evans, David N. Dubins, and Tigran V. Chalikian, (2015). Effects of Salt on the Stability of a G-quadruplex from the Human C-MYC Promoter. Biochemistry, 54, 3420-3430. 

Byul G. Kim, Yuen Lai Shek, Tigran V. Chalikian, (2015).  Polyelectrolyte effects in G-quadruplexes. Biophysical Chemistry, 184, 95-100.