Dr. Ben Faber

Associate Professor of English

Phone: (905) 648-2139   Ext:4400

Email: bfaber@redeemer.ca

Office: 239B

Programs: English Literature, English Writing


D.Phil. (1992), University of Oxford
Dissertation: The Poetics of Subversion and Conservatism: Satire ca. 1640-1649.

B.A. Hons (1987), English, McMaster University.


  • Ways of Reading: Fiction (ENG-103)
  • Western Culture & Tradition II (HUM-120)
  • The British Novel (ENG-257)
  • History of Literary Criticism (ENG-315)
  • Nineteenth-Century English Literature I: Romantic (ENG-345)
  • Shakespeare (ENG-361)
  • Milton (ENG-448)


Dr. Ben Faber has published essays and presented papers on William Shakespeare, John Milton (1608-1674), Joseph Hall (1574-1656), Andrew Marvell (1621-1678), Daniel Defoe (1660-1731), and Henry Alline (1748-1784).  He teaches courses in the department on Shakespeare, Milton, The History of Literary Criticism, The British Novel and British Literature 1660-1830.

Research Interests

  • Early-modern non-dramatic English literature (esp. Milton, Marvell)
  • Shakespeare and theory
  • Hermeneutics
  • Pedagogy

Recent Publications

“Language and Literature in Reformed Perspective.” In Academy Regained, ed. Russ Kosits. Sioux Center: Dordt Press, forthcoming.

 “Outrage from Lifeless Things: Theodicy and the Anthropogenic Effects of the Fall in Paradise Lost.” In Christian Environmentalism and Human Responsibility in the 21st Century: Questions of Stewardship and Accountability, ed. Katherine M. Quinsey. New York: Routledge, 2023.

“Covenant and Pedagogy.” International Journal of Christianity and Education. 24.3 (2020).

“Manifesting the Soul in Andrew Marvell’s ‘On a Drop of Dew’.” Early Modern Literary Studies 19.1 (2016).

“The Art of Divine Meditation in George Herbert’s The Temple.” Christianity and Literature 66:1 (2016).