Dr. Christina Belcher

Professor of Education

Chair of the Department of Education, OCT

Phone: 9056482139 Ext:4440

Email: cbelcher@redeemer.ca

Office: 207C

Department: Education


Ph.D. (2012), Monash University
Thesis: Worldview in Christian higher education: A multi-dimensional investigation into experience, narrative and conceptions of worldview.

M.Ed. (2002), College of Christian Higher Education, National Institute of Christian Higher Education, Australia
Thesis: “How do teachers trained at MASTERS institute reflect their worldview in the use of a picture book?”

M.WS. (1994), Worldview Studies, Institute for Christian Studies, Toronto


  • An Introduction to Children’s Literature (PJI) (EDU-251)
  • Development and Learning (EDU-301)
  • Social Foundations and Introduction to Teaching (EDU-303)
  • History and Philosophy of Education (EDU-306)
  • Collaborative Workspaces and Restorative Practices (PJI) (EDU-325)
  • Engaging Literacy in the Primary Grades (PJ) (EDU-421)
  • Engaging Literacy in the Junior Grades (PJ) (EDU-422)
  • Practicum I, Primary/Junior (EDU-478)
  • Practicum I, Junior/Intermediate (EDU-479)
  • Practicum II, Primary/Junior (EDU-490)
  • Practicum II, Junior/Intermediate (EDU-491)
  • Practicum III, Primary/Junior (EDU-492)
  • Practicum III, Junior/Intermediate (EDU-493)
  • Practicum IV, Primary/Junior (EDU-494)
  • Practicum IV, Junior/Intermediate (EDU-495)
  • Field Experience I, Primary/Junior (EDU-496)
  • Field Experience I, Junior/Intermediate (EDU-497)
  • Field Experience II, Primary/Junior (EDU-498)
  • Field Experience II, Junior/Intermediate (EDU-499)


Dr. Christina Belcher, Professor and Chair of Education at Redeemer University College, is a committed Christian with published writings in the area of children’s, contemporary and special theme literature, culture, worldview, a philosophical approach to technology and Higher Education. Former work in faculties of education at Trinity Western University, B.C., Australia and New Zealand also inform her writing and practice. She enjoys her calling to this vocation and is blessed by the collaborative presence of her department colleagues.

Her writing seeks to unify a past, present and future view of historical reference while proposing hope and reconciliation in matters of an educational nature. She is passionate about writing articles with peers from other disciplines and considers learning to be one of the highlights of life. In her spare time, she loves to watch movies with friends, read, and travel with her husband to see family in B.C., New Zealand and Ontario.

Research Interests

Recent Publications

Books and Book Chapters

Belcher, C. (2019). Feature Box, Chapter 10: Representations of ASD. In K. Maich, S. Penney, K. Alves & C. Hall (Eds.), Autism spectrum disorders in the Canadian context: An introduction. (2nd ed) Toronto, ON: Canadian Scholars.

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Refereed Journal Publications

Loerts, T., & Belcher, C. (2019). Developing visual literacy competencies while learning course content through visual journaling: teacher candidate perspectives. Journal of Visual Literacy, 38(1-2), 46-65. DOI: 10.1080/1051144X2018.1564603

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