Dr. Kyle Spyksma

Associate Vice President and Dean, Academic

Associate Professor of Mathematics & Physics

Phone: (905) 648-2139   Ext:4204


Office: 101B

Programs: Mathematics


Ph.D. (2007), Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences, McGill University
Dissertation: On the dynamics and predictability of moist turbulence

B.Sc. (2001), Mathematics and Computer Science, Redeemer University College


  • Calculus I (MAT-121)
  • Calculus II (MAT-122)
  • Multivariable Calculus (MAT-223)
  • Differential Equations (MAT-231)
  • Numerical Analysis (MAT-311/411)
  • Honours Independent Study (MAT-485)

Research Interests

  • Cumulus cloud dynamics
  • Theoretical turbulent flows
  • Statistical turbulence

Research Funding

High-resolution study of turbulence and phase changes in convective clouds, NSERC Discovery Grant, 2008-2013.

Recent Publications

W. van Dijk, M. Toyama, S.J. Prins and K. Spyksma, Analytic time-dependent solutions of the one-dimensional Schrödinger equation, American Journal of Physics, 2014, Volume 82, 955.

K. Spyksma, M. Magcalas and N. Campbell, Quantifying effects of hyperviscosity on isotropic turbulence, Physics of Fluids, 2012, Volume 24, 125102.

W. van Dijk, J. Brown and K. Spyksma, Efficiency and accuracy of numerical solutions to the time-dependent Schrödinger equation, Physical Review E, 2011, Volume 84, 056703.

K. Spyksma and P. Bartello, Small-scale moist turbulence in numerically-generated cumulus clouds, Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 2008, Volume 65, Number 6, pp. 1967-1978.

K. Spyksma and P. Bartello, Predictability in wet and dry convective turbulence, Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, 2008, Volume 65, Number 1, pp. 220-234.

W. van Dijk, K. Spyksma and M. West, Non-threshold anomalous time advance in multi-channel scattering, Physical Review A, 2008, Volume 78, 022108, (12 pages).

K. Spyksma, P. Bartello and M.K. Yau, A Boussinesq moist turbulence model, Journal of Turbulence, 2006, Volume 7, Number 32, pp. 1-24.

W. van Dijk, K. A. Kiers, Y. Nogami, A. Platt and K. Spyksma, Quantum mechanical and semi-classical treatment of quantum excitations due to the passage of a particle, Journal of Physics A: General, 2003, Volume 36, pp. 5625-5643.

Professional Memberships

ACMS (Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences)
CSAC (Canadian Scientific and Christian Association)