Dr. Timothy Epp

Professor of Sociology

Phone: (905) 648-2139   Ext:4247

Email: tepp@redeemer.ca

Office: 219C

Programs: Sociology, Applied Social Sciences, Social Work


Ph.D. (1999), Anthropology, York University
Dissertation: People First: Voicing Disability, Embodied Identity and Social Policy in Ontario

M.A. (1994), Anthropology, McMaster University
Thesis: Ethnic Identity as Process: Post-WWII Migration of Scots to Hamilton

B.A. Hons (1992), Anthropology, McMaster University


  • Introduction to Sociology (APS-120)
  • Sociology of Canadian Society (APS-223)
  • Sociology of Marriage and Family (APS-235)
  • Sociology of Crime and Deviance (APS-241)
  • Peace and Conflict Studies (APS-339)
  • Urban Sociology (APS-341)
  • Sociology of Popular Culture (APS-355)
  • Disability and Society (APS-432)
  • Advanced Issues in Criminal Justice (APS-441)

Research Interests

  • Identity and Personhood
  • Disability
  • Race and Ethnicity
  • Qualitative Health Research
  • Medical Sociology/Anthropology
  • Social Movements
  • Popular Culture

Research Funding

Principal Investigator, “Faith-Based Person Centred Dementia Care,” funded by the Vandezande Restoring Hope Grant, 2019-2022

Principal Investigator, “Black and Mennonite Canadians: Neighbours on the Prairies,” funded by the Plett Foundation, 2016-2017

Principal Investigator, “Social History of Mennonite-Black Interaction,” funded by RUC, SSHRC SIG, and SSHRC GRF, 2008-2015.

Principal Investigator, “Person-Centred Care in Dementia Services,” funded by SSHRC Standard Research Grant, 2004-2008.

Principal Investigator, “Disability, Identity and Social Policy,” funded by SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship, 1997-1999.

Principal Investigator, “Disability, Identity and Social Policy,” funded by Scottish Rite/Roeher Institute, 1997, 1998.

Fulbright Fellowship, funded by Foothills Pipelines/Pan Alberta Gas, 1994.

Recent Publications


Caregivers of Persons with Dementia: Roles, Experiences, Supports and Coping.Sherry L. Dupuis, Tim Epp, Bryan Smale. Manuscript published for Ontario’s Strategy for Alzheimer Disease and Related Dementias (Initiative #6- Research on Caregiver Needs), jointly supported by the Ontario Seniors’ Secretariat and the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, 2004. Murray Alzheimer Research and Education Program, University of Waterloo. 112p.

(in process) The Social History of Anabaptist-Black Interaction in Canada.

Papers in Refereed Journals

So Many Paths: Reconsidering the Sacred/Secular Divide in Popular Music. Journal of Sociology and Christianity 11(2): 5-34, 2021.

Mennonites and the ‘Power of Whiteness’: Race and Ambivalence in Anabaptist Newspapers, Journal of Mennonite Studies 39:147-173, 2021.

Moral Tales, Essays, and Letters from Georgia: Representations of Blackness in Three Anabaptist Newspapers. Conrad Grebel Review 37(3): 220-246. 2020.

“You Don’t Get Away That Easy:” Rethinking the ‘Secular’ in Secular Music. Journal of Sociology and Christianity 8(2):32-54.

Every Freedom-Loving Individual. Wellington County History 26:43-56. 2013.

Anabaptist/Black Interaction in Upper Canada: An Initial Reconnaissance. Journal of Mennonite Studies31:31-49, 2013.

(Re)claiming Adulthood by Persons with Disabilities. Disability Studies Quarterly, Spring 2003.

Embodied Identity and Hidden Disability, Disability Studies Quarterly20(3): 334-338, Summer 2000.

Disability: Discourse and Identity, Disability Studies Quarterly20(2):134-144, Spring 2000.

Let There Be Light! Lighting in Long-Term Care Facilities for Individuals with Dementia. T. Epp, R. MacPhee, A. Allman. Canadian Nursing Home12(2):4-9, 2001.

Concluding Comments. T. Epp, J. Habib, N. Lewis, K. Saylors. Culture 17(1-2), 1997. Pp. 87-88.

Papers in Refereed Conference Proceedings

Disability: Discourse and Experience: Self-Advocacy, Identity and Social Policy in Ontario. In York University Centre for Health Studies 4th Annual Graduate Student Symposium, February 25, 1999, edited by Samuel Dunn. Pp. 33-53.

Papers Read at Conferences

Blackness, Whiteness and the Anabaptist ‘Imagined Community’ in Print and Mission. Bechtel Lecture, Conrad Grebel University College, March 2021.

Moral Tales, Essays, and Letters from Georgia. Christian Sociological Association, Eastern University, June 2019

“You Don’t Get Away That Easy:” Rethinking the ‘Secular’ in Secular Music.  Christian Sociological Association, Lee University, June 2018.

Roots and Routes: Black-Mennonite Connections. Christian Sociological Association, Northwestern College, June 2017.

Blacks and Mennonites: Neighbours on the Prairies.  Invited Presentation, Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan.

An I for an I: Personhood, Disability and Dementia. Association of Christians Teaching Sociology, Eastern University, June 2015

Anabaptists and Black History. Invited presentation, Mennonite Historical Society of Ontario, June 2013.

Anabaptists and Black History. Invited Presentation, Wellington County Historical Society, April 2013.

Anabaptists and Black History. Invited Presentation, Underground Railroad Music Festival, August 2012.

Finding the Person in Person-Centred Care, Qualitative Analysis Conference, Wilfrid Laurier University (Brantford campus), May 12, 2011.

Finding the Person in Person-Centred Care, British Sociological Association, London School of Economics, April 2011.

Person-Centred Care in Dementia Services, Qualitative Research Conference, UNB, May 2008.

Person-Centred Care in Dementia Services, Qualitative Research Conference, UNB, May 2007.

Person-Centred Care in Dementia Services, Conrad Grebel College, October 2006.

Person-Centred Care in Dementia Services, Ethnographic Research and Symbolic Interaction Conference, Niagara Falls 2006.

Health impact of change in Work Organization and Workplace Technology in a Large Communications Company: A Qualitative Study. Work, Stress and Health Conference, Miami 2006.

Christian Responses to Critical Pedagogy, Seminar on Spirituality, Pedagogy and Justice, Calvin College, September 2005.

Popping Christian Culture: Neocalvinism and Paste Magazine. Popular/American Culture Conference, Albuquerque, February 2005.

Person-Centred Dementia Care, Canadian Anthropology Society, Dalhousie University, 2003.

Qualitative Research for Occupational Health, APA Conference, 2003.

Discussant, Panel on Just War Theory, ICS Conference, 2002.

Disability and Personhood. Canadian Anthropology Society, University of Windsor, 2002.

Disability and Personhood. International Qualitative Health Research Conference, Banff, 2002.

Person-Centred Care for Residents with Alzheimer’s disease. Village of Winston Park, November 2000; Woods Park, March 2001.

Disability and Social Policy. Canadian Anthropology Society, University of Calgary, May 2000.

Disability and the Double Bind. Centre for Canadian Studies, York University, March 2000.

Disability, Identity and Social Policy in Ontario. Occupational Health Rounds, McMaster University, November 1999.

To Those in Greatest Need: Redefining Disability in Ontario. York Centre for Health Studies, York University, February 1999.

Disability: Discourse and Experience. Canadian Anthropology Society, University of Toronto, 1998.

Response to Key Speakers. Panel on Medical Anthropology, Canadian Anthropology Society, Brock University, 1996.

Ethnic Identity as Process. Canadian Anthropology Society, University of Quebec at Montreal, 1995.

The Model of the Absent Father. Canadian Anthropology Society, University of Quebec at Montreal, 1995.

Group Homes in North America: Private and Shared Space in an Insular Community. Canadian Anthropology Society, York University, 1993.

Articles: Non-Peer Reviewed

A Black/Menno Inventory. Canadian Mennonite, June 22, 2020.

Routes and Routes: Black-Mennonite relations in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan Mennonite Historian, Summer 2016.

Good Neighbours. Canadian Mennonite, February 16, 2015.

Black-Mennonite Histories: Roots and Routes. Ontario Mennonite History Volume XXXI, Number 2, October 2013. Pp. 1-5.

Mennonites, Blacks interact in 19th-century Waterloo Region, Canadian Mennonite, February 2010.

Unpacking the Urban Paradox: Building Inclusive Community, Comment Magazine, April 2008

Finding the Music Scene, Comment Magazine, May 2008

The Story of L’Arche: Renewing Cities from the Inside Out. In Stained Glass Urbanism: The Untold Story of the Church and City Renewal. Document Presented at the United Nations’ World Urban Forum, Vancouver, 2006. Work Research Foundation, Hamilton.

Book Review Northern Terminus: The African Canadian History Journal, vol. 3, 2006

Person-Centred Care: A Vision to be Refined. Canadian Review of Alzheimer’s Disease:14-18, April 2003.

Communicating with Individuals with Dementia. The Caregiver, p. 5, Winter 2003

Person-Centred Dementia Care. The Caregiver, Fall 2002

Discrimination and Dementism. Vital Aging 7(3): 3, Fall 2001.

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Measuring the Leisure Experience of Bathing. T. Epp, K. Whitfield, R. MacPhee, D. Pickett. The Caregiver, Fall 2001.

Measuring the Leisure Experience of Bathing for Individuals with Dementia. T. Epp, K. Whitfield, R. MacPhee, D. Pickett. Seniors Housing Update 10(2):17-19, February 2001.

Community Involvement

Deacon, Hamilton Mennonite Church (January 2015-present)
Board Member, Christian Horizons (2016-present)
Treasurer, Welcome Inn Community Centre (2014-2016)
Co-chair, Outreach & Service Committee, Hamilton Mennonite Church (Jan.2014-Jan.2015)
Member, Outreach Committee, Hamilton Mennonite Church (2012-2014)
Sunday School Teacher, Hamilton Mennonite Church (2011-present)
Worship Leader, Hamilton Mennonite Church (2012-present)
Power of Attorney, Financial (2012-2014)
Board Member, Welcome Inn Community Centre (2010- 2014)
Member, Food Distribution Committee, Ontario Christian Gleaners (2010-present)
Member, Network on Poverty Reduction, Hamilton (Fall 2005-2008)
Chair, Welcome Inn Church (Spring 2004-2009)
Chair, Pastoral Search Committee, Welcome Inn Church (Fall 2003-Spring 2004)
Member, Welcome Inn Church, Hamilton, Ontario (1986-2010)
Member, Circles of Support and Accountability, Hamilton, Ontario (March 2003-June 2006)
Member, Canadian Friends of Sabeel (Hamilton Chapter), Summer 2002-2004)
Secretary/Board Member, Student Open Circles, McMaster University (Nov. 2001-June 2006)
Board Member, Rygiel Supports for Community Service, Hamilton, Ontario (Nov. 2001-June 2004)
Member, Quality of Care Committee, Community Living Oakville. (1999-2001).
Associate Voluntary Service Worker, Welcome Inn Mennonite Church and Community Centre, Hamilton, Ontario. (1990-1992)
Voluntary Service Worker, Welcome Inn Mennonite Church and Community Centre, Hamilton, Ontario. (1986-1988)

Relevant Links

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Related Experience

Chair, Academic Appeals Committee (Fall 2021-present)
Co-Curriculum Working Group (Fall 2014-present)
Church Relations Committee (Fall 2014-present)
Personal Respect Officer (Fall 2013-present)
Faculty Research Committee (Fall 2013- May 2020)
Personal Respect Advisor (Summer 2011-Fall 2013)
Compensation Committee (2012-present)
Social Justice Committee (Fall 2011-present)
Faculty Adjudicator (Winter 2007, Winter 2008)
Academic and Discipline Appeals Committee, Redeemer University College. (September 2004-September 2006)
Academic Policy and Procedure Committee, Redeemer University College. (September 2003-2011)
Ethics Review Committee, Redeemer University College. September 2003-2004.
Ethics Review Committee, Canadian Centre on Disability Studies (June 2001-2004)
Steering Committee for M.A. program on Disability Studies, York University (October 1999-May 2000)