Prof. Baiyu Andrew Song

Adjunct Lecturer in History


Programs: History


Ph.D. cand., The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY.
Dissertation: “‘The Steady Obedience of His Church’: The Ecclesial Spirituality of Joseph Kinghorn and the Communion Controversy, 1814-1827.”

M.A. (2014), Toronto Baptist Seminary, Toronto, ON.

B.A. (2013), Toronto Baptist Seminary


  • China: From Ancient Empire to Economic Superpower (HIS-354)


Baiyu Andrew Song is a research associate and teaching fellow at the Andrew Fuller Centre for Baptist Studies at Heritage College and Seminary. He is also a fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society, and an early career member of the Royal Historical Society. He is also the associate editor of the Journal of Andrew Fuller Studies.

Research Interests

  • Global Christianity
  • Ecclesiastical History
  • History of the long eighteenth century

Research Publications

Associate Editor. The Lexham Dictionary of Church History. General Editor: Michael A.G. Haykin. Digitally published (Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press, forthcoming [under contract]), 2022.

Co-editor with Michael A.G. Haykin. Great Shall Be the Day of Jezreel: A Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of China’s First Evangelist Liang Fa’s Baptism (2021-2022) (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, forthcoming [under contract]).

Co-editor with Thomas J. Nettles and Michael A.G. Haykin. Apologetic Works 3. The Calvinistic and Socinian Systems Examined and Compared, as to their Moral Tendency, The Complete Works of Andrew Fuller 7 (Berlin; Boston, MA: Walter de Gruyter). 2021.

“Jesus Christ in the ‘Chinese Enlightenment’: A Case Study of Chang Wan-Kai’s (1871–1931) Christology.” Midwestern Journal of Theology 20.1 (2021): 52–71.

 “An Uncatalogued Baptism-Sermon by Joseph Kinghorn (1766–1832).” Journal of Andrew Fuller Studies no 2 (February 2021): 71–83.

 Edited with introduction. Public Worship Considered and Enforced (Peterborough, ON: Hesed and Emet, 2020).

“David Kinghorn (1737–1822).” In The British Particular Baptists: Volume V More Biographical Essays of Notable British Particular Baptists, edited by Michael A.G. Haykin and Terry Wolever, 5:153–174 (Springfield, MO: Particular Baptist Press). 2020.

“‘When They Know Only or Chiefly Its Language, Not Its Spirit’: Joseph Kinghorn (1766–1832) and Socinianism.” Puritan Reformed Journal 12.2 (2020): 81–99.

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