Prof. Dianne Elizabeth Moroz

Assistant Professor of Physical Education

Phone: 9056482139 Ext:4253


Office: 111C

Department: Kinesiology and Physical Education


Ph.D. Candidate: Faculty of Heath Sciences, Department of Kinesiology, University of Waterloo

M.Sc. Work Physiology, University of Waterloo

B.P.E. Physical Education, McMaster University


  • Assessment of Human Fitness (KPE-222)
  • Exercise Physiology II (KPE-418)
  • Internship (KPE-480)

Research Interests

Current Research

“A simple in-flight method to test the risk of fainting on return to Earth after long-duration space flights.” University of Waterloo, Canadian Space Agency, NASA.

“BP-Reg: Testing the astronaut protocol in Waterloo.” University of Waterloo, Canadian Space Agency.

“The effects of exercise and activities of daily living on cerebral blood flow and cognition.” NSERC.

“The relationship of cardiovascular health indicators with frontal-executive cognitive and motor function with aging.” CIHR.

Recent Publications & Presentations


Walking at usual pace increases brain blood velocity. Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP): CSEP2013 Extreme Human Physiology: Pathology to Performance, in Toronto, October 2013.

Invited sole presenter of Biosensors for Health Monitoring to Directorate Future Security Analysis team, DND, Ottawa, July 2007.

Books Edited

Effets du modafinil sur la thermoregulation au cours d’une privation de sommeil à la chaleur avec exercice physicque / Effect of Modafinil on Thermoregulation in Man during Physical Exercise and Sleep Deprivation in a Hot Environment. Alain Buguet, Manny W. Radomski, Dianne E. Moroz (eds). Décembre/December 2000, ISBN 0-9688317-0-2.


Dianne E. Moroz. Cardiorespiratory Assessment and Fitness. In: Christian Path to Health and Wellness. Second Edition, Peter Walters and John Byl (eds). Human Kinetics. Pages 77-106, 2013.

John Byl and Dianne E. Moroz. God’s Purpose and Your Life’s Mission. In: Christian Path to Health and Wellness. Second Edition, Peter Walters and John Byl (eds). Human Kinetics. Pages 13-27. 2013.

Dianne E. Hinch-Moroz. Contributing Author. The Wellness Options Guide to Health. Lillian Chan (ed). Penquin Canada. ISBN: 0-14-301376-9, 2003.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Buguet, A., DE Moroz, MW Radomski. Modafinil – medical considerations for use in sustained operations. Aviat. Space Environ. Med. 74(6):659-63, 2003

Baranski, JV., V Gil, T McLellan, D Moroz. Effects of Modafinil on cognitive performance during 40 hr of sleep deprivation in a warm environmentMilitary Psychology, 14(1):23-47, 2002.

McLellan, TM, MB Ducharme, F Canini, D Moroz, DG Bell, JV Baranski, V Gil, A Buguet, MW Radomski. Effect of modafinil on core temperature during sustained wakefulness and exercise in a warm environmentAviat. Space Environ. Med. 73(11): 1079-1088, 2002.

Tikuisis, P., I. Jacobs, D. Moroz, A.L. Vallerand, L. Martineau. Comparison of thermoregulatory responses between males and females immersed in cold waterJ. Appl. Physiol. 89(4):1403-11, 2000.

Non-Peer-Reviewed Articles

Aly S. Abdulla and Dianne E. Hinch-Moroz. Cardiorespiratory Fitness, Wellness Options 2(5) November and December 2002.

Dianne E. Hinch-Moroz. Compulsive Exercise. Wellness Options:2 (3), June and July 2002.

Dianne E. Hinch-Moroz. Train for tomorrow: How exercise can help slow down the physiological aging processWellnessOptions:2(2). March and April 2002.

Technical Reports

Dianne E. Moroz. The relationship between hormone secretion and core temperature during exercise-induced hyperthermia and passive heating. Defence Research and Development Canada Contract Report. 48 pages. August 8, 2001.

Dianne E. Moroz. Development of Canada’s STING Gz-Protection System for CF-18 Pilots. Defence Research and Development Canada Contract Report DRDC CR 2003-074, 92 pages. April 30, 2003.

Dianne E. Moroz. Rapid-Onset Lower Body Negative Pressure During Gz/+Gz Tilt manoeuvres. Defence Research and Development Canada Contract Report DRDC CR 2004-066, 27 pages. March 31, 2004.

Dianne E. Moroz. The rationale for exercise training in the prevention of neck loading/injuries in military aviation: A review of the literature. Defence Research and Development Canada Contract Report DRDC CR 2004-167, 51 pages. March 02, 2005.

Dianne E. Moroz. Increased G-Suit pressure and protection against acceleration effects. Defence Research and Development Canada Contract Report DRDC CR 2004-115, 33 pages. May 04, 2005.

Moroz, D. E. Biosensors and Health Monitoring. Directorate Future Security Analysis (DFSA) 4-3. Chief Force Development, National Defence Headquarters. 23 pages, July 2007.

Moroz, D.E. and Niall, K. Training distance estimation with night vision devices in the field and simulated night vision environment: A draft report of four experiments. DRDC Toronto TR 2008-039, 140 pages, March 2008.

Scholarly and Professional Activities

Sports and Activities