Prof. Trevor Brown

Adjunct Lecturer in Education


Programs: Education


M.A. (1981) Mathematics, York University, Toronto, ON.

B.A. (Hons) 1976, York University, Toronto, ON.

Certificate of Education (1967), Wolverhampton Teacher’s College, Birmingham University, UK.


  • Teaching Mathematics in the Primary Grades (PJ) (EDU-440)
  • Teaching Mathematics in the Junior Grades (PJ) (EDU-441)
  • Teaching Mathematics in the Junior Grades (JI) (EDU-442)


Trevor Brown is the co-author of the Math Makes Sense textbooks for Grades 1-9, which emphasize ways to use mathematics for conceptual understanding. He served as the principal investigator for the Ontario Ministry of Education Mathematics’ Exemplar project, and also served as the editor of The Abacus, a publication of the Ontario Association of Mathematics Educators (OAME). He is featured in the book Great Careers for People Interested in Math and Computers and is a sought-after workshop presenter at multiple higher education institutions, including York University, Queen’s Unversity, McGill University, Brandon University, the University of Regina, the University of Ottawa, and other institutions in the United States and India.

Research Interests

  • The value of rich learning and assessment tasks in mathematics
  • Engaging the reluctant learner

Research Publications

Co-author of Math Makes Sense textbooks, Grades 3-9, Pearson (2008).

Co-author of Making Mathematics textbooks, Grades 7-8, Gage Educational (1991).

Professional Experience

Lecturer in Mathematics Education, Tyndale University

Math Consultant, Toronto District School Board of Education (1980-2003)

Principal Investigator on the Math Exemplars project (Grades 1-8), Ontario Ministry of Education

Editor of The Abacus, Ontario Association of Math Educators (1987-1995, 2004-2007)

Instructor in AQ Math Education, OISE (1995-1997)

Instructor in AQ Math Education, York University 1997-1999)