Applied Social Sciences is a Bachelor of Arts degree within the Department of Applied Social Sciences. It is offered as a major.

The Applied Social Sciences is a broad area of study that draws on the rich and intertwined histories and contributions of both sociology and social work. A broad approach to the social sciences allows you to “zoom out” and reveal the patterns and connections in human society, social relationships and the complex problems that can occur. This program will take your interest to help and work with people and prepare you to approach real life situations. A distinct, interdisciplinary program in Applied Social Sciences at Redeemer helps you develop an in-depth understanding of our world, and to pursue social justice within a Christian framework.

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Featured Courses

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Deedz provides positive social interaction to those who are street involved, homeless, or temporarily staying in homeless shelters in the City of Hamilton.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Disaster relief, inner-city missions, and volunteer trips through organizations like World Renew.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Social Justice conference on campus.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

North American Association of Christians in Social Work (NACSW) annual conventions.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Annual visits to correctional institutes and indigenous centres.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Participate in an internship at a community-based or government organization where you can apply your skills and knowledge in an occupational setting.

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Timothy Epp Associate Professor of Applied Social Sciences

Student Story

Hank de Jong
Psychology student ‘99


Hank de Jong
Psychology student ‘99

" Redeemer University College prepared me to thrive in the areas God was calling me to lead and serve. Redeemer was a fantastic combination of academics, athletics and service opportunities wrapped up in a community of love, development and grace. The motto at the time, “learning is for serving,” shaped a worldview that I have carried to all aspects of my life. The small class sizes allowed me engage in material and discussions that were tremendously impactful on my life. I left Redeemer uncertain of where God was leading me specifically, but I was certain that I needed to use what I learned and the experiences I enjoyed to serve Jesus Christ in whatever capacity. Redeemer formed an excellent academic foundation for me to later complete a Master of Arts in Leadership from Trinity Western University. Redeemer also shaped a worldview that I have carried with into my leadership with EduDeo Ministries.  We desire to communicate and influence an educational worldview across the globe that is consistent with what I learned at Redeemer – an education that is rooted in Christ, and where Christ and his redeeming work is central to every subject. "


  • Social workers
  • Mental health counsellors
  • Crisis counsellors
  • Resettlement managers
  • Program coordinators
  • Policy specialists
  • Police officers
  • Teachers
  • Support workers

Graduate Programs

  • Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)
  • Registered Social Work (RSW)
  • Master of Social Work (MSW)
  • MA in Health & Aging
  • MA in Work and Society
  • MA in Cultural Studies

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