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Digital Media and Production

How does storytelling shape who we are and the world around us?

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Studying media and communications at Redeemer enables and encourages the next generation of storytellers with the technical skills and Christian vision to live, work, and lead in an evolving media world. Redeemer's Digital Media and Production program equips students to assess and interact with mass media in ways that enable them to discern and understand the influence of the messages they are receiving.

Digital Media and Production is a Bachelor of Arts degree program. It is offered as an honours major and as a major.

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Right from the start, you are introduced to the forms, uses, and interpretations of media, focusing on the techniques of storytelling through media through the use of the Mac lab, video production equipment, and software.

Your classes provide you with the theoretical foundations and practice skills to discern the messages you are receiving and understand the influence that those messages have on identity.

Digital Media and Production The Core

The Core Curriculum is a set of 10 courses that every student takes. The courses are woven through every major and gets you to think deeply and broadly about what you’re studying. Think about it this way…

  • Content writers are more persuasive when they understand the dominant philosophical concepts in culture.
  • Media coordinators who understand marketing trends and are effective collaborators are more successful in their business ventures.
  • Videographers have a deeper sense of compassion when they ground themselves in the narrative of Scripture.

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In the Classroom

In your classes, you are learning from professors who are industry experts and professionals, ready to share their best practices as they work alongside students in their various projects. Learn technical skills in courses like Video Production I, supported by the soft skills in courses like The Language of Film and Television, with opportunities to dig in and practice in courses like Documentary Films and Filmmaking.

Beyond the Classroom

Industry-standard equipment and software are available for student use in courses with lab components and in projects and coursework.

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After Redeemer

Alumni of Redeemer’s digital media and production program are making a positive impact in our society and in our communities.

Luke McKee '14

has travelled across the world in his work as an editor and videographer for World Vision.

Jenna Hiebert '13

owns and operates a lifestyle photography business.

Alumni can go on
to careers as...

  • Advertisers
  • Content writers
  • Film producers
  • Videographers
  • Photographers
  • Digital media coordinators
  • Market researchers
  • Sound technicians

Alumni can do further studies to earn...

  • MA in Communications
  • MA in Digital Media
  • MA in Media Management
  • MA in Media Studies
  • Project management professional (PMP)

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Digital Media and Production Stories

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From the printing press to personal computing, we continue to face the question: will technology turn us into bad people?

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Creating a Christian voice in media

New Media and Communication Studies program explores our interconnected world

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