Media - Digital Media and Production is a Bachelor of Arts degree program within the Media and Communication Studies Department. It is offered as an honours major and as a major.

Redeemer’s program in Digital Media and Production offers a Christian, liberal arts approach to the production and interpretation of media. The program educates the whole Christian person for the complexities of our media saturated world. You will cultivate a wide variety of skills essential to the media marketplace ​in​ the program as you develop your talents in screenwriting, journalism, videography, video editing, audio production, graphic design, and web design. Not only will you produce short films, record podcasts, write news articles, and the like, but you will also learn how to interpret media thoughtfully and describe the ways it shapes how we see others, ​ourselves​, and our world. Above all, gain a distinctly Christian vision of our media landscape, a vision that begins and ends with ​God’s mediator: our crucified​ and resurrected Christ.

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Featured Courses

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Participate in an internship, consisting of 120 hours of on-site work in digital media. Such work can include, but is not limited to blog and web content, and film and television production.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Redeemer is located in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA), and is near many media outlets, as well as film studios, news publications, and a range of business and nonprofit organizations.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Learn from both scholars and practitioners in the field and benefit from access to industry-standard equipment and software.

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Naaman Wood Associate Professor of Media and Communication Studies

Naaman Wood works and teaches at the intersection of communication and theology. After earning an M.A. in cinema studies and a Ph.D. in media and...

Student Story

Katrina Alblas
Media and Communications student ‘18


Katrina Alblas
Media and Communications student ‘18

" I am entering my fourth year at Redeemer as a Media and Communications student and honestly, I have never been more excited to learn and attend a class as I did when I made the decision pursue a bachelors degree in Media and Communications. I like to say that my passion lies in story telling and Redeemer has taught me how to tell the story of an individual in a way that not only does justice to their story but also shares it from the right perspective. My classes have challenged the way I think about the world as well as the way that I see, respond and interact with individual and issues within our world. My long term goals involve creating documentaries. I would love to create videos of individuals and organizations across the globe and share their stories. My professor said in a class once that we can have the power to give a voice to the voiceless through videography and I think that that is exactly what I want to accomplish with my degree. Through my classes I have first learned how to find the truth in a story, and from there I can apply the practical skills that I have learned from operating a camera to editing to writing. Redeemer has helped me to get my foot in the door in the world of media and communication, through Cross Roads Media in Burlington as well as by offering give references and guidance as I pursue my own goals. "


  • Advertisers
  • Content writers
  • Film producers
  • Videographers
  • Photographers
  • Digital media coordinators
  • Market researchers
  • Sound technicians

Graduate Programs

  • MA in Communications
  • MA in Digital Media
  • MA in Media Management
  • MA in Media Studies
  • Project management professional (PMP)

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