Minor: Disability Studies (7 courses)

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Introduction to Sociology

An introduction to the nature and study of social relationships and social institutions. We will study human group behaviour in terms of culture, social interaction, socialization, ethnicity, and gender. We will also analyze the internal dynamics and external relations of social institutions including the family, church, school, and state.

Introduction to Social Work Practice

This course provides an introduction to social work practice in Canada. Students will explore social work practice issues within the Canadian context. Topics encompass the social work practice fields of individual, family, group and community, and the dynamic interplay between the social worker, the user of services, the agency and society. The course will emphasize the integration of theoretical and practical knowledge.


Social Work Practice with Communities

This course explores the theories and methods of social work practice with communities. Topics to be covered include: geographic and functional communities, community assessments, theories and models of community practice, and identification skills related to community practice (such as observation, facilitation, mediation, and advocacy).

Diversity In Canada: Implications for Social Work

This course provides students with the knowledge needed for practice with disadvantaged and oppressed groups. This course examines the history, demographics, and culture of various disenfranchised groups. A major theme of the course is to provide an opportunity for exploration of how prejudice, discrimination, and exclusion affect the experiences of members of these groups. Another theme is the unique strengths and capacities within each group that should be recognized and utilized in effective social work practices. Social injustice occurs and is present at individual, institutional, and societal/structural levels; professional social work ethics and values demand cultural competence and cultural sensitivity practice at the micro, mezzo, and macro levels. Critique of diversity perspectives from a Christian worldview will also be discussed.

Year 3 or 4 standing

Social Work Practice with Groups and Teams

This course explores the theories and methods of social work practice with groups and teams. Students will learn the theory underlying social work groups and understand the purposes and uses of different types of groups. Collaboration and interdisciplinary teamwork will be discussed. Students will be introduced to the skills and interventions used with groups/teams.

Year 3 standing

Applied Social Sciences Internship

The internship course is designed to allow senior students the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge of the discipline in an occupational setting. Internships are completed in community based or governmental organizations and students are required to observe and participate in a job-related capacity under supervision. Admission to the internship requires instructor approval.

Year 3 or 4 standing

Disability and Society

This course will provide an in-depth analysis of advanced-level topics in the field of Disability Studies. The course will examine current themes and issues in disability, including accessibility, education, human rights, and social inclusion. Disability will be examined over time and cross-culturally. The course will examine each of these areas through a critical lens based on the Reformed perspective on faith and culture, including an emphasis on social justice.

Year 3 or 4 standing

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