Environmental Science is a Bachelor of Science degree program within the Chemistry & Environmental Studies Department. It is offered as an honours major and as a major.

God has created and sustains this world, yet has entrusted His creation to humanity to steward it by developing its potential while simultaneously caring for and protecting it. However, as we look at the world around us, we can see that humanity faces significant environmental challenges that are complex, multi-faceted, and of ever-increasing importance. As you study nature and how humans interact with God’s creation, grow in your calling as a steward of the earth and its natural resources. You will learn to integrate scientific, technological, social, political, economic, theological, philosophical and perhaps even artistic perspectives to gain a deep understanding of current environmental issues.

The scientific aspects of environmental issues are emphasized, with a strong focus on biology and chemistry. In addition to courses about contemporary environmental issues, sustainability, and environmental philosophy, you will learn about ecology and field biology, chemical analysis of water and soil, environmental impact assessments, geographical information systems (GIS), and more.

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Featured Courses

  • Environmental Studies II: Pollution and Climate Change (ENV-222)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (ENV-360)
  • Resource Management (ENV-362)

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Take summer courses at the Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies, gaining valuable field experience and developing tools for caring for the environment.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Lab components of some courses contain projects linked to real, local issues, and are part of Hamilton’s unique CityLab initiative.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Gain valuable lab and field experience that complements what is learned in the classroom. Make use of our fully equipped laboratories, the Whaley Teaching Garden or our roof top greenhouse.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Do a senior research project where you’ll have an opportunity to plan, complete and report on an area of environmental studies.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Students have had internship experiences working at many different organizations, including A Rocha, Au Sable, a fish hatchery, the Royal Botanical Gardens, and World Renew.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Take a semester abroad in Central America (Belize) or the South Pacific (New Zealand) to learn about tropical ecosystems of the south pacific and maintaining sustainable community development.

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Edward Berkelaar Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Studies

Edward grew up on a farm in Nova Scotia, Canada. After completing an undergraduate degree, he moved to Ontario to study plant science and environ...

Student Story

Cameron Phillips
Environmental Studies student ‘14


Cameron Phillips
Environmental Studies student ‘14

" My heart has always longed for justice in this broken world. We see and hear stories every day of how God’s creation and His people are suffering. But I was always asking myself, “what is my role in seeking justice?” I grew up wanting to be a part of a movement that would seek God’s shalom in this world but didn’t know where to turn. My education at Redeemer was a huge stepping stone to make these desires a reality. At Redeemer I was given an opportunity to learn about God’s plan for this world, and what He requires of us as His servants. I was able to interact with people from a variety of Christian traditions and was encouraged to ask tough questions and to explore what it meant to truly live as a disciple of Christ in today’s world. My faith and worldview were incredibly transformed after my time at Redeemer. My program offered a wide variety of practical experience and networking opportunities through internships, field trips, and off-campus learning programs. My faith was tested, tried and strengthened through theology courses but also through my experiences connecting with people and places in downtown Hamilton. I am now working in the communications field with a Christian international aid and development organization. We seek justice and love mercy in a broken world because God requires it of us. My education was crucial to this journey and am thankful to God that I trusted Him when He led me to Redeemer. "


  • Community Planning and Zoning
  • Ecological Restoration
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Forester
  • Plant Protection Inspector
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Soil Conservationist
  • Urban and Rural Planner

Graduate Programs

  • MA in Environmental Design
  • MSc in Land Resource Sciences
  • MA in Environmental Studies
  • MA in Urban Planning

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