Psychology - Experimental is a Bachelor of Arts degree program within the Psychology Department. It is offered as an honours major.

Focus on research using laboratory and statistical methods to unlock the mysteries of mind and behaviour, and to find evidence-based interventions to improve human life. You’ll learn what psychological science teaches on how each modality relates to psychological functioning, and what it takes to flourish in each domain. Explore the crucial “vertical” dimension of psychological functioning, the domain of worship and ultimate valuing, all in the context of pursuing a living relationship with the living God.

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Experiential Learning Opportunities

Honours psychology students write and present a thesis as preparation for graduate school, researching a topic of their choice in-depth.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Participate in a one-term internship, gaining experience in applied or research psychology. An internship can assist you in making career decisions and in preparing for post-graduate educational and employment opportunities.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Our psychology lab is a research hub for faculty, where students often assist in current research projects.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

A few times each year, the Department organizes a one-hour presentation on a current topic in psychology. Guest speakers, faculty, or senior students lead the presentation, and all psychology students are invited to attend.

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Marie Good Assistant Professor of Psychology
Dr. Lindsey Short Associate Professor of Psychology

Broadly, my research interests involve the role of experience in shaping our ability to recognize and process faces. As such, I am interested in ...

Student Story

Allison Brouwer
Psychology student ‘15


Allison Brouwer
Psychology student ‘15

" My classes, and especially my internship course, have been beneficial in preparing me for my future. They have offered me a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience. It was an authentic experience that allowed me to gain knowledge, networking opportunities and the confidence to enter into the professional world. "


  • Human Factors Engineer
  • Professor
  • Research Project Design
  • Research Psychologist

Graduate Programs

  • MA in Experimental Psychology
  • PhD in Psychology
  • PhD in Organizational Psychology
  • PsyD

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