Geography is offered as a minor within the Chemistry and Environmental Studies Department.

Geography deals with the study of the earth and its lands, features, inhabitants, and phenomena and answers questions such as: Why is what where? So what? Now what? The concept of the human response (that is: the calling to respond to the God-given environment) lies at the heart of the geography program, even as it lies within the goals of the university. Redeemer’s geography program will help students identify and understand the forces that have shaped the world in which we live, and make you aware of the norms of living in terms of service and stewardship.

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Experiential learning is an essential part of the Redeemer experience. The Centre for Experiential Learning and Careers (CELC) partners with faculty and employers to build experiences that put the classroom in the workplace, and bring the workplace back to the classroom.

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Dr. Edward Berkelaar Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Studies

Edward grew up on a farm in Nova Scotia, Canada. After completing an undergraduate degree, he moved to Ontario to study plant science and environ...

Student Story

Rhonda Elgersma
Sociology student ‘01


Rhonda Elgersma
Sociology student ‘01

" My time at Redeemer gave me an incredible “big picture understanding” —  of our world, of our faith, and of our place in it. I didn’t just zero in on my specific field of study, but instead was part of a full experience and life learning. One of my greatest passions is the idea of community.  And beyond my study of sociology, I loved what I learned by living in community together.  Sharing life with dorm-mates, fellows students, staff, and professors was so rich and significant. It taught me so much that I have carried with me as I have lived and served in various community environments.  Redeemer is where my faith dug deep, where my vision was launched, and my passion for community was ignited. "

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