Politics - International Relations is a Bachelor of Arts degree program within the History, Politics, & International Studies Department. It is offered as an honours major.

International Relations is the study of large systemic issues, law, rights, peace and diplomacy. Redeemer’s unique, interdisciplinary approach prepares students for traditional avenues of service, development, politics, and international markets but takes you beyond them to discover that systemic and structural change can’t be made by laws, or sold by the markets: what’s missing is everything in the middle to make them work. Students at Redeemer are informed by history, political and economic theologies, world literature and music, the forces and institutions of civil society – all the elements that underwrite our politics, our markets, and our life together.

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Featured Courses

  • Human Rights and International Justice (POL-246)
  • Current Issues in Politics & International Studies (POL-301/401)
  • Comparative Politics of the Developing World (POL-317)
  • Law and Public Policy (POL-306)

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Participate in the Laurentian Leadership Centre in our nation’s capital, where you’ll have access to elite Ottawa internships in politics and NGOs.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Participate in a practical internship and gain experience working in the field for an entire semester or a few hours per week.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Study at the Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies, with campus locations in India, Great Lakes region (United States), Costa Rica and the Pacific Rim, to learn about environmental sustainability and international development.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Learn about Nicaraguan culture and the challenges of living with few resources by spending a semester at the Nehemiah Center in Nicaragua through the SPIN program.

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Robert Joustra Associate Professor of Politics & International Studies

Robert Joustra is Associate Professor of Politics & International Studies (POLIS) at Redeemer, and founding-Director of Redeemer’s Centre f...

Student Story

Aaron Tolkamp
International Studies student ‘14


Aaron Tolkamp
International Studies student ‘14

" Many in North America see the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as something “over there.” But for Palestinian Christians, it’s something that they live with every day. As part of my International Studies program at Redeemer, I’ve come to experience and understand their struggle. I have been to Palestine twice already. The first time was with Hope Equals, a network of Christian students promoting reconciliation, and the second was a three-month internship at the Palestinian News Network, where I wrote and edited articles for their website. Both times I lived with a Palestinian Christian family, and met with many local groups and agencies. It gave me the chance to come alongside Palestinian Christians and begin to understand what’s really going on. There are a lot of theories and ideas behind the study of international relations. But I relate best to the world through people – through relationships with them and their culture. What’s been so great about my program is seeing those theories and ideas at play in the world, intertwining with my daily life. I’m literally experiencing the things we studied in the classroom. My academic program and my experiences in Palestine have opened doors for me. Last year, I was invited to present at Faith and Foreign Policy, an international academic conference. My paper, which looked at civil disobedience and political activism as they relate to Palestinian Christians, was later published by Commentary, the magazine of Citizens for Public Justice. It’s a big world out there. Redeemer’s International Studies program has given me not just theories, but the chance to see them at work. "


  • Research and Development Assistant
  • Relief and Development Worker
  • Human Rights Advocate
  • NGO Staffer
  • Business Development Analyst
  • International Trade Researcher
  • Government Relations
  • Foreign Affairs

Graduate Programs

  • LLB
  • MA in International Affairs
  • MA in Global Public Policy
  • PhD in International Relations

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