Mathematics is a Bachelor of Science degree program within the Mathematics Department. It is offered as an honours major, a major and as a minor.

Explore the stimulating world of mathematics and find pathways for careers from computer programmer to financial analyst to high school teacher. Find, represent, apply and verify numerical and spatial patterns working with mathematical software in our labs. Develop strong techniques for solving problems and exploring theorems. Then go beyond the numbers and discover mathematics in the context of its historical, cultural and philosophical influences, examining how mathematics applies to other academic disciplines and its role in a world created and sustained by God.

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Experiential Learning Opportunities

Participate in open research problems alongside one of your professors.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Many of the professor/student research projects are sponsored by NSERC, and some and some with the NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards program.

Experiential Learning Opportunities

NSERC research positions have often resulted in students co-authoring articles with their professors published in mathematics journals.

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Kevin Vander Meulen Professor of Mathematics

Student Story

Cassandre Dauphin
Math student ‘07


Cassandre Dauphin
Math student ‘07

" My Mathematics degree within the Liberal Arts Education at Redeemer gave me the flexibility to try different avenues in my career path. I worked as an Operational Analyst for 5 years – working with several departments in the organization,  such as sales, marketing, legal and finance. I then realized I wanted to specialize in Finance and have been working as a an Analyst for 4 years – I love numbers so this is a perfect fit. I always say that God led me to Redeemer and He has not failed in providing the friendships I have required to follow His path. "


  • Actuarial Scientist
  • Data Manager
  • Database Programmer
  • Financial Analyst
  • High School Teacher
  • Information Scientist
  • Programmer

Graduate Programs

  • MBA
  • MLIS
  • MMath
  • MSc in Mathematics
  • PhD in Mathematics

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