Media - Media and Culture is a Bachelor of Arts degree program within the Media and Communication Studies Department. It is offered as a major.

Contemporary life is permeated by many forms of mass media. Any career, and particularly those in communications will benefit from a broad understanding of the role of media in our lives and culture. In this program, you will examine communication culture in all its richness and complexity in order to develop a Christian framework that allows you to interpret, assess, and interact with it. You will study mass media and popular culture, through digital and non-digital channels such as social media, film, music, and literature. Gain a fuller understanding of the nature of human interaction including theories and research in communication as it is applied to various social, political and cultural contexts.

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Experiential Learning Opportunities

Learn from both scholars and practitioners in the field as well as have access to industry-standard equipment and software.

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Naaman Wood Associate Professor of Media and Communication Studies

Naaman Wood works and teaches at the intersection of communication and theology. After earning an M.A. in cinema studies and a Ph.D. in media and...

Student Story

Mary Darling
English student ‘17


Mary Darling
English student ‘17

" There are few things more powerful in shaping the opinions and hearts of populations than media. Redeemer’s new Media and Communications Studies program is a welcome training ground for spiritually minded students who want to insure that God continues to be in the conversation. The program provides students with the foundational skills required to create and execute various media. As a professional in the industry, I know what a difference academic training makes to the skill set of our coworkers whether in the camera department, the sound booth or the writing room. "


  • Advertiser
  • Market Researcher
  • Media Content Creator
  • Public Relations

Graduate Programs

  • MA in Communication
  • MA in Digital Media
  • MA in Media Ecology
  • MA in Media Management
  • MA in Media Studies

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