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Mission and Ministry
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Where and how in our cultural context is God calling us to serve?

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The mission of the global church is cross-cultural, making it vital that those engaged in a missional calling have a deep understanding of holistic gospel theology and a discerning grasp of our own cultural contexts. Redeemer’s Mission and Ministry program equips you with a biblical understanding of missions and a worldview perspective on culture and society, preparing you to serve and embody God’s Kingdom wherever you are called.

Mission and Ministry is a Bachelor of Arts degree program. It is offered as an honours major, general major, and minor.

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First-year courses provide a broad overview of topics that are critical to mission, ministry, and Christian faith, including a foundational understanding of the Bible. Gain an awareness, as well as the necessary tools, to serve effectively in churches, ministries, and community organizations. Class discussions, led by dedicated and experienced professors, give the opportunity to understand worldview from the perspective of other denominational and cultural backgrounds.

Mission and Ministry The Core

The Core Curriculum is a set of 10 courses that every student takes. The courses are woven through every major and get you to think deeply and broadly about what you’re studying. Think about it this way…

The Core Curriculum is a set of 10 courses that every student takes. The courses are woven through every major and get you to think deeply and broadly about what you’re studying. Think about it this way…

  • Pastors provide better care when they understand the diverse stories and histories of people.
  • Theologians can share their perspectives more persuasively when they know how to write well.
  • Ministry directors who are financially literate can create and lead sustainable ministries.

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Beyond the Classroom

Participate in Redeemer's campus ministries such as chapel, Rooted Worship, men and womens' ministries, and prayer ministry. As well, have the opportunity to connect with guest lecturers from other parts of the country and around the globe invited to speak at Redeemer.

Beyond Campus

Participate in two 8-month paid work placements or two internships as part of the Mission and Ministry co-op program. You can also take your passion for ministry into Hamilton’s downtown through a variety of volunteer opportunities such as Deedz — a weekly program where a small group of students go downtown to offer hot chocolate & conversation to those on the street.

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After Redeemer

Alumni of Redeemer’s mission and ministry program are making a positive impact in our society and in our communities.

Religion and Theology
Find out where a degree in Mission and Ministry takes you!
Redeemer’s Mission and Ministry Program provides you with the knowledge and relevant skills to set you on the path to a fulfilling career.
Roles open to me
with this degree:
  • Activities coordinator
  • Clergy
  • Children’s director
  • Community development worker
  • Ministry coordinator
  • Missionary
  • Outreach worker
  • Relief worker
  • Student development staff
  • Urban ministry
With continuing
education I can be:
  • Archaeologist
  • Christian nonprofit director
  • Counsellor
  • Diplomat
  • Lawyer
  • Lead pastor
  • Mediator
  • Police officer
  • Professor
  • Social worker
Related jobs in other fields:
  • Archivist
  • Charity fundraiser
  • Ecumenical relations officer
  • Editor
  • Historian
  • Humanitarian worker
  • Journalist
  • Politician
  • Writer
Technical skills:
  • Analyzing and applying biblical, theological and doctrinal principles
  • Analyzing complex spiritual issues
  • Applying spiritual truths to current life issues
  • Appreciating human, spiritual and social needs
  • Understanding the historical and cultural context of Biblical events
Transferable skills:
  • Anticipating and understanding the views and concerns of others
  • Articulating and listening objectively
  • Building and defending views on competing positions
  • Clearly expressing ideas
  • Communication skills (oral and written)
  • Curiosity about people and world cultures
  • Making critical observations, evaluations and appropriate decisions
  • Organizing, conducting and explaining research
  • Showing sensitivity to and compassion for others
  • Synthesizing perceptions
Discover current trends, wages and job in Canada for the Religion and Theology field.
Explore your career ideas. Find out what Redeemer alumni have done with their degree.
Professional Organizations:
Connect with these organizations to learn more about your career.
  • Canadian Council of Christian Charities
  • Canadian Council of Churches
  • Canadian Theological Society
  • Canadian-American Theology Association
  • Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
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Mission and Ministry
Redeemer’s Mission and Ministry Program provides you with the knowledge and relevant skills to set you on the path to a fulfilling career.
Alumni can go on
to careers as...
  • Missionaries
  • Pastors
  • Urban ministry leaders
  • NGO staffers
  • Camp directors
  • Church leaders in urban centres
  • Drop-in centre directors
Alumni can do further
studies to earn...
  • Master of Divinity (MDiv)
  • Master of Theological Studies (MTS)
  • MA in Christian Leadership
  • MA in Community Development
  • MA in Christian Education
  • Christian Counselling Certificate
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