Philosophy is a Bachelor of Arts degree program within the Philosophy Department. It is offered as a major and as a minor.

What is real? What do we really know? What should we value? How should we live? And what connects things? These are the questions at the heart of Philosophy. Study subjects like metaphysics, epistemology, ethics and aesthetics,  working closely with your professors and peers.If God is the source of all wisdom and knowledge, then the true philosopher is passionate about cutting across all obstacles, looking under all stones, and contemplating questions from all angles, in pursuit of knowing and loving God more. Philosophy at Redeemer will challenge and strengthen your faith as it aims for deep truth, and, as the apostle Peter puts it, “reasons for the hope within you.”

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Featured Courses

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Many philosophy majors and minors have co-authored chapters with our professors in books on popular culture and philosophy (with an aim to produce essayists, professors, journalists, film critics, pastors and others).

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Our logic course uses the LSAT– the test that determines if you get into law school–as one of its textbooks (with the aim to produce critical thinkers of all sorts, including lawyers, politicians, detectives, activists and others).

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Kuyper’s Café and the Apologetics Club are student-run philosophy groups that prepare students for forums of debate (with the aim of producing clear-thinking Christians for careers as pastors, counselors, social workers, etc.)

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Adam Barkman Professor of Philosophy

Adam Barkman (PhD, Free University of Amsterdam) is the author and editor of eleven books, most recently A Critical Companion to James Cameron...

Student Story

Brent McCamon
International Studies student ‘15


Brent McCamon
International Studies student ‘15

" “Ever since I came face to face with poverty on a mission trip to Nicaragua, I’ve always wanted to make a difference globally,” reflects Brent McCamon ‘15. Today, McCamon is doing just that as a policy advisor for the Canadian government’s Office of Human Rights, Freedoms and Inclusion. He analyzes global trends and develops policy to promote pluralism and freedom of religion and belief. “The work I’m involved in is needed in our global climate,” he says. “We see religious persecution and sectarian violence on a day-to-day basis. As a Canadian Christian, I’m proud to work to see people of all faiths enjoy the same freedoms we have here in Canada.” McCamon graduated in May 2015 and attended the Tony Blair Faith Foundation’s (TBFF) intensive training course at McGill University the following month. He won the TBFF essay competition for his policy briefing calling Canadians to engage religious groups in resolving conflict and ending religious violence in Nigeria. “With globalization, local and international needs are becoming increasingly interconnected,” McCamon observes. “I’ve had opportunities to be involved with both, yet the challenges can at times be overwhelming. I can’t do everything, but through God’s grace, I am doing what I can do now to facilitate change locally and globally.” "


  • Essayists and columnists
  • Lawyers
  • Public speakers
  • Pastors
  • Politicians
  • Advocates
  • Professors
  • Teachers

Graduate Programs

  • EdD in Philosophy in Education
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
  • Master of Philosophy (MPhil)
  • MA in Public Ethics
  • Bachelor of Education (BEd)
  • MA in History of Philosophy

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